Guiding Light Update Friday 8/2/02

By Megan

Ed told Charles that it was doing Richard harm to keep him alive, and that is why he pulled the plug. Ed said that he had no way of knowing that Richard's heart would be a match for Rick. And that had nothing to do with why he killed him. Lillian came in and said that she never saw Ed near Richard's room that night, but that doesn't mean he wasn't there. Lillian was waiting for Ed when he walked out of Charles' office. She yelled at him for confessing because it wouldn't do Rick any good at all. Ed sais it was the only way he could save his family. He begged Lillian to help him, and she agreed.

Reva was sitting at Richard's grave when Cassie showed up. Cassie told Reva how much she meant to her, and wished she could have been stronger. Reva told Cassie they should go home, but Cassie stayed. After Reva left, Cassie' phone rang. It was Dr. Charles Grant. He told her that he needed to talk to her about Richard right away.

After Shayne left for a break from all the crying, Tony stopped by to see if Cassie was home. Marah wanted to know what it was all about, but Tony just said it was business. Marah let Tony come in, and he said he was hoping she wouldn't be there. Tony appologized to Marah for everything he had done. He said that that is who he is. He tried to change for her, and he thought he could, but he didn't. As Tony got up to leave, Marah stopped him. But before she could say anything, Reva came home and kicked him out, telling him never to come back. When Marah noticed Tony had left his cell phone, she went after him.

Charles Called Mel into his office, and told her about Richard. Mel told him that she was the one who turned the machines back on, but she never saw anyone else around the room that night.

Michelle and Rick were talking about how excited they would be when Rick finally came home. Then Ed came into the room and joined the conversation. A few minutes later, Rick was taken away for some x-rays. Michelle told Ed that she was going to go to Charles' office and tell him that it was Mel who turned off the machine. Ed told her that they had to do it this way. Before either of them could say anything else, Rick came back.

Cassie went to Charles' office, like he asked, and he told her about Richard's machines being turned off. Cassie demanded to know who did it, but Charles told her he would tell her later. After Charles left, Cassie found Ed's confession.

Michelle and Ed told Mel about their plan to save her. As Mel was telling them that she wasn't the one who did it, Cassie walked up and confronted Ed about killing Richard.

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