Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/31/02

By Sharon

At the Bauer's

At the Bauer's Danny and Michelle discuss Michelle observing Mel in Richard's room.  Danny tells her that she's doing the right thing by not reporting it.  He also tells her that if he knew something might hurt her, he would stop it from happening.  He gets a call on his cell phone and goes outside to answer it. One of his men  who  is at the warehouse with Edmund, feeding him some alcohol.  Danny leaves promising Michelle that nothing will happen to them.

At the hospital, Charles asks Lillian why she thinks Richard's machine malfunctioned.  She tells him that she thinks someone turned it off.  She says that she was going to come forward and tell him.  He tells her that it doesn't look good that she kept it to herself.  In Rick's room, Rick invites Cassie in to talk.  He tells her how sorry he is about Richard and how grateful he is that she gave him his heart.  Cassie tells him that she had been in his room listening to his heart while he was sleeping a few days before.  Rick thanks Cassie for his future.

Back at the Bauer's, Ed approaches Michelle outside and tells her that he thinks of Africa often and about the time he missed with her and Rick.  Ed tells her that Lillian has informed him that someone turned off Richard's life support.  He thinks that it was her.  She tells him that she had seen Mel flipping the switch on the alarm but hasn't reported it.  Ed prays that Mel didn't do it.  Michelle tells Ed to call Lillian and tell her not to say anything.

At the warehouse, Danny tells Edmund that he may be going for a ride into the lake.  Carmen walks in and wants to know what's going on.  Edmund tells her what Danny plans to do to him.  She tells Danny that she won't stand in his way, and that she is proud he has realized how important family is.

Back at the hospital, Lillian tells Charles that there is no proof of what happened.  He insists that it had to have been intentional.  He thinks Richard may have been murdered and there will be an investigation.  In Ricks room, Mel walks in and thanks Cassie again for the gift she has given them.  Cassie says that she thinks she made the right decision.  Cassie leaves and Mel lets Rick sleep.  Outside his room, her Mom is there.  She tells her Mom about the moment in Richard's room when she thought of turning off the machine.  She tells her that she didn't, but someone else did.

Back at the Bauer's, Michelle goes to call Lillian and Ed tells her that they can't ask Lillian to lie.  They agree that they need to talk to Mel.

Back at the warehouse, Carmen tells Danny that she doesn't care if he kills Edmund.  She is just happy that he has finally gotten back to being a true Santos.  She leaves and Danny tells Edmund that he is not going to let him hurt his family.  He tells Edmund that he has one last chance to let things go.

At the hospital, Mel tells her Mom that she didn't report what she knows because Rick's condition is still touchy and she knows that Cassie couldn't handle it.  Mel tells her that Rick is more important then her job, the hospital, and the law.  She hopes that no one will say anything and it will just go away.

At Reva's, Cassie and Tammy arrive and tell Reva that they had gone to see Rick.  Tammy goes to check on the boys as Reva tells Cassie that she is proud of her.  Cassie runs outside as Reva recall turning off Richard's machine.  She finds Cassie outside crying and embraces her.

At the warehouse, as Edmund is placed in the car, he tells Danny that it won't make a difference if he kills him.  He has nothing left anyway and he curses the Bauer's.  Danny starts the car and orders the door to the warehouse open.  Edmund begs him to wait.

At the hospital, Lillian comes out of Charles' office, Michelle and Ed are there.

Lillian tells them Charles knows what happened and that there will be an investigation.  She admits that she told him that she had seen Michelle and Mel outside Richard's room and that Michelle will be questioned first.

Back at Reva's, Cassie asks why this has happened to her and the kids.  She and Richard were suppose to have time together.  Reva asks Cassie if she would have wanted Richard to go on living in constant pain.  Cassie walks away without answering her.

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