Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Sharon

At the Beacon, Oliva looks around, Alan walks in and compliments her on the finished product.

At Company, Bill turns a country music song on the radio.  Beth enters trying to keep to herself.

At the hospital, Rick asks Lillian if anything is going on, he's noticed alot of whispering.  She assures him that he is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

At Richard's grave, Cassie and Tammy talk about Richard.  Tammy tells Cassie that she wants to go visit Rick again.  She believes that if they get to know Rick better, they would in turn be closer to Richard.  Cassie tells her that she doesn't think she should go see Rick until he is better.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia tells Alan that she is still having a hard time dealing with Richard's death.  She tells Alan that he is insensitive.  Alan encourages her to go ahead with her plans and dreams.

Back at Company, Bill approaches Beth and teases her about stalking him.  Beth asks him to sit, they have some unfinished business.  She asks him if he knows where Lorelei's diary is.  He tells her that he took it, but that was back in Texas the night they made love.  He tells her that he tore out the pages that were about him and Lorelei.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia tries to get Alan to talk about his relationship with Alex.  He just tells her that he has some trust issues and changes the subject.  She kisses him goodbye and leaves abruptly.

Back at the gravesite, Cassie tells Tammy that she will allow her to go see Rick.  Cassie says that she will drive her to the hospital but will not go in. 

 At the hospital, Tammy goes in to visit Rick.  Rick tells her of a dream he was having where he was riding a horse on a beach.  Tammy tells him that Richard used to ride a white horse on the beach all the time.  She asks Rick if he feels like a different person now or the same.  He tells her that he feels more emotional and appreciates life so much more.  Cassie watches from outside the room.  Lillian approaches her and Cassie tells her that she wants to know what exactly happened when Richard died. 

Back at Company, Bill tells Beth that he read all of they diary but burned the pages that he had torn out.  He tells her that the time he and Lorelei spent together meant something.  Alan approaches the table and Bill walks away.  Olivia calls Bill on his cell phone and asks to meet right away.

At the hospital, Lillian tells Cassie that she doesn't really know what happened when Richard died because she wasn't in the room.  She says she has to tell Cassie something but then freezes and excuses herself.

Back at the Beacon, Olivia tells Bill that she is purchasing an island as a gift for Alan.  She wants to know if Bill would fix up the property on it.  He accepts but she warns him not to tell anyone.

At Company, Alan asks Beth if Bill has been bothering her.  She tells him that she can take care of herself.  Alan asks her if she thinks that he is insensitive.  She replies that he sometimes is.  Alan tells her that he is sometimes frightened by his feelings for Olivia.  Beth warns him to be careful.

Back at the hospital, Cassie continues to watch Rick and Tammy talk from outside the room.  Rick realizes that she is there, and she walks into his room.  She has a hard time speaking but finally says that she can't stay.  In an office down the hall, Lillian is asked what she thinks happened to Richard

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