Guiding Light Update Friday 7/26/02

By Naila

At Richard's grave side, Edmund continues to talk to his brother. Richard Calls the hospital to make an appointment to see Dr. Grant the chief of staff. Before he leaves Edmund again promises that justice will be done.

At the Church, Josh urges Reva to continue with the eulogy because Richard needs for her to do it for Cassie. Reva continues the eulogy by saying that Richard taught her how to make sacrifices for others. Reva tells Cassie she lit up Richard's world. Reva promises Cassie that everyone in the church will help keep Richard's memory alive and everyone present will cherish and honor Richard.

Later that day at Richard's graveside service, Cassie comforts Tammy when she starts to cry when she sees the grave. Cassie tells her daughter that Richard isn't there that his spirit will always be with them. Marah tells Olivia that she is sorry about Richard and she knows that Richard was her first love. Olivia tells Marah that even though things didn't work out with Richard she is grateful to him because he taught her how to depend on herself. Marah says she understands because that is the same way she feels about her relationship with Tony. While Maras and Olivia are talking Tony arrives and says he is sorry about what happened to Richard. Marah says sometimes bad things happen but you have to move on. After Marah leaves Danny tells Tony to get a couple of guys and find Edmund and grab him. Danny tells him that when he has Edmund he is to give Danny a call. Before Tony leaves Danny tells him to be careful and keep his nose clean.

At Infierno, Carmen watches Edmund get drunk. Edmund tells her that he is planning to meet with the chief of staff and tell him what happened to Richard and make sure the Bauers pay. Carman asks Edmund why he isn't at the funeral and Edmund tells her that Cassie didn't want him to be at the funeral. Carmen says he doesn't have to be alone so Edmund gives her a passionate kiss and they later make love.

At the Graveside, As the rain continues to fall hard Gus has a flashback of a promise he made to his father to take care of her. Gus looks up at the sky and tells his father that he kept his promise to take care of her and he hopes his father is happy. Harley sees Gus and invites him to go to Josh and Reva's with her because she knows he is going through something and she doesn't want to be alone. Cassie and Tammy say their last good-byes to Richard and leave. Reva says goodbye to Richard and ask him to let her know if she did the right thing.

At the Lewis house, Alan arrives with Olivia and tells Cassie that he has created an endowment in Richard's name for the Children's Museum. Ross gets a call from Frank at the same time that Harley and Ross arrive. Frank tells Ross that Philip has every intention continuing to press Charges against her because he thinks she is an unfit mother. Ross promises to help her fight the charges. Blake and Harley tell Cassie to call them day or night if she ever needs anything. Cassie shares memories of Richard with them. Cassie decides to go outside for a little while and Blake and Harley follow her because they don't want to leave their friend alone.

At the hotel, After making love Edmund gets ready for his meeting with Dr. Grant Carmen encourages Edmund to get justice for Richard and make the Bauers pay for what they did.

Later at the hospital, Edmund arrives and asks a nurse where Dr. Grant's office is while his back is turned the elevator opens to reveal danger for Edmund.

At the Lewis house, Harley asks Alan and Olivia where Philip is and Alan takes great pleasure in telling her that Philip took Zach out of the country.

Harley tells Alan Philp had no right to take her son out of the country. Alan says he did have a right since she was in Jail and living with a murderer. Harley loses her temper and starts bringing up past history like Alan's jail record and the fact that Olivia is living with him and she wasn't the best stepmother to Marah and Shane. After Harley calms down she blames Gus for everything that has happened.

At Richard's grave, Cassie says her final good-bye to her husband alone. Cassie reads a poem from Richard's handwritten book of favorite poems. It is a poem by Edna St. Vincent Mallay As she reads the poem the rain continues fall hard. When Cassie finishes reading the poem the sun comes out and the rain stops. Cassie thinks it is a message from Richard.


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