Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/25/01

By Eva

At Reva's house, Cassie tearfully watches from the window as Richard's coffin is taken to the cemetery.

At Harley's apartment, Blake and Ross arrive to take Harley to Richard's memorial service. Blake expresses her shock and disbelief that they are going to Richard's memorial service and that he was taken away so young. Blake also says that life has been so unfair to Cassie because first she lost Hart and then she lost Richard. Blake notices that Gus isn't there. Harley explains to Ross and Blake that Philip is trying to take Custody of Zach away from her because Gus is in her life. Harley says that she and Gus had a fight and now they have broken up. They all head for the memorial service.

At the Bauer house, As everyone is getting ready to go to Richard's service an angry and grief stricken Edmund arrives upon hearing that the Bauers are going to the memorial service he tells Danny that none of the Bauers have any right to go to Richard's service. Edmund goes on to say that all the Bauers will pay for taking Richard's life so that Rick could have a donor heart. Danny offers Edmund money to forget his accusations but Edmund refuses to take the money and again vows to make every Bauer pay for Richard's death.

At the Leis house, Josh and Bill head for the service while Reva stays behind to wait until Cassie is ready to go. Reva is struggling about what to say for Richard's eulogy and again tells Cassie that she doesn't think she is the right person to give the eulogy. Cassie insists that Reva do this for her and Richard so Reva agrees to give the eulogy.

At the church, Dax and Alonzo (Prince William) arrive for the service. Olivia arrives after them and Bill asks her what she wanted to speak with him about.Olivia says she will call and set up a time for them to meet later .

At Gus's Hotel room, Marina arrives and wants to know what happened to cause Gus and Harley's break up. Gus is reluctant to tell her anything but Marina continues to push and wonders why he broke up with Harley after she went to the mat for him when Marina accused him of rape. Gus finally tells him that people make stupid decisions when they are young and they are forced to stick by them. Marina offers to do anything she can to get Gus and Harley back together. Gus tells her to be there for Harley because she is going to need someone. Marina says Harley would much rather have Gus with her. As Marina leaves she says Gus is a coward for giving up on Harley so easily. Gus gets dressed and heads out the door.

At the Church, Alonzo tells Cassie that it is a national day of mourning in San Cristobel and when Richard is buried their will be a moment of silence. Blake and Harley offer Cassie their sympathy and support. Olivia offers Cassie her sympathy by saying "Richard was my first love but you were his first, last and always." Everyone gathers to pat their repects and honor Richard.

At Richard's grave, Edmund sits by Richard's tombstone and tells Richard "the Bauers will pay for this."

Back at the Church, Josh pays tribute to Richard by saying he was "a man who embraced challenges with dignity." Josh reads a poem by Mary Oliver from a handwritten notebook Richard kept of his favorite poetry he kept while he was in college. Ed reads a letter that Rick wrote thanking Richard's family for the great gift they have given him and promising to always be there to help them in any way possible. Tammy pays tribute to her father by reading a Dr. Suess poem called "All the places you will go" that Richard used to read to her at bedtime. As Alozo pays tribute to Richard Danny steps out of the service and tells Tony to take care of a problem named Edmund. Reva begins a touching eulogy for Richard but breaks down in tears and can't continue it.

The End