Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Naila

Edmund informs Carmen that heís certainÖ someone did pull the plug on Richard.  Carmen tells Danny thereís a problem with his investors regarding payments.  Tony confirms her message and tells him that itís Cassieís payments that are late.  Danny leaves and Carmen warns Tony that the families think Danny is weak and that rep will spread to him if he isnít careful.    

Reva tells Josh she still intends to confess to Cassie.  Cassie decides to go through Richardís belongings.  She asks Reva to deliver Richardís eulogy for her.  Reva isnít sure itís appropriate but Cassie asks her to do it for her; Reva agrees. 

Edmund arrives and Cassie agrees to speak with him.  She tells him heís not welcome at Richardís funeral.  Edmund reminds her that he was Richardís brother and she completely forgot that fact when Richard died.  She apologizes for not calling to tell him.  He asks her if he can attend Ö as Richardís brother.  She agrees.  He then proceeds to tell her that Richard died at the hands of someone Ö perhaps a Bauer.  He tells her he spoke to the tech in charge of Richardís equipment.  Cassie thinks he paid him off so he could sue the hospital for a fortune.  She forbids him coming to the funeral then leaves.  Reva and Josh see that sheís upset but she doesnít tell them what about. 

Alone again, she goes through Richardís things and finds a letter addresses to her. 

Reva agonises over Richardsís eulogy.  She thinks Josh still wonders how she could have done what she did.  And if he canít understand then how will Cassie.  Josh admits that heís mad at Richard for putting Reva in that position.  Reva knows he did is because he knew her and knew she would do the right thing.  She needs to honour his wishes; she will love and protect Cassie.  She wonít tell her because she wonít want to reopen all those wounds again.  Josh tells her sheíll never be alone. 

Lillian meets with Ed and tells him what she learned from the technician about Richardís ventilator.  Ed is surprised and wonders if someone in Richardís family performed a ďmercy-killingĒ.  She tells him she saw Michelle and Mel close by when she got to Richardís room.  She intends to go to administration about this but wanted to warn him first.  Ed asks her to wait until the end of the day so he can decide what to do. 

Ed talks with Michelle and recalls their conversation regarding physicianís ethics.  He begins to suspect that she had something to do with Richardís death.  He makes her promise that if she ever needs to say anything to him, she will not hesitate, because heís not going anywhere. 

Michelle realises that Ed has suspicions about Richardís death and worries.  She will protect Rick and Mel (by not saying anything) but if someone asks her directly she doesnít know if she can lie.   

When Rick learns that his family is going to Richardís funeral, he wants to join them but he canít (still too weak from the operation).

Rick tries to write a letter to Cassie but canít.  Tammy comes to see him and he offers her his sympathies.  Rick encourages her to tell him whatever sheís thinking.  Sheís glad heís alive, but wonders why her dad had to die.  He promises her that he will never forget the gift Richard gave him and also that he will do his best to live up to Richardís standard.  Heíd like to earn this heart and wants Tammy to help him.  Tammy asks if she can feel his heart and Rick places her hand on his chest.  ďThatís your dad.  Heís in there, Tammy.  And he loves you.Ē (This was beautifully written and performed

Cassie goes to the Beacon to read the letter and runs into Danny.  She thanks him for not hounding her for being behind on her payments.  She hopes that she hasnít caused him any problems.  He assures her that he can wait but she tries to give him a bracelet.  He refuses to accept it.  He tells her again to take all the time she needs; he wonít pressure her.   

In his letter, Richard confesses that he kept another secret from her and admits what it was.  He realizes he should have told her so they could experience it together.  He is learning and wants her to Ďbear with himí as he Ďtries to find his way in their new lifeí.  He hopes sheíll forgive him so they can walk together into the future. 

The End

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