Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/23/01

By Naila

Frank comes to the station where Harley fills him in.  Frank canít get Harley off if Philip and Thomas are serious about pressing charges against her.  He leaves to post bail and Gus and Harley talk.  She tells him that if he doesnít clear his name then sheíll lose her boys.  She asks him to come clean and disclose the name of the person he covered for.  Gus reveals that the real culprit was a woman.  Harley canít believe that she got locked up in order to protect Gus and all the while heís protecting some other woman! Obviously she must mean more to him than Harley does.  She says all men are alike but Gus disagrees.  She asks him to prove it...  let go of this promise so she can get her babies back.  He wonít break his promise.  He asks her if she wants him to leave and she responds, ďAs far as Iím concerned, you were never here.Ē  Gus leaves. 

Frank returns and Harley tells him Gus is moving out.  When Frank doesnít understand what happened, she tells him about Gusí juvi-record and the woman heís protecting.  Itís more of the same; sheíll never be first with anyone.  Her focus now is on getting Zach backÖ nothing else.

Harley arrives home to find Gus packing up his garbage bags.  He tells her sheís still his favourite.  Harley says goodbye and closes the door on him.  Gus returns to his hotel where he pulls out a picture of his mystery woman; her name is Eden.   

Beth tries once again to reason with Philip, who cannot believe sheís taking Harleyís side.  She doesnít think Gus would ever harm Harley or Zach, and begs him not to do anything else that would make this situation worse.  Olivia eavesdrops from outside.

Beth leaves and runs into Olivia.  She accuses her of meddling in her life; she knows Olivia sent Bill after her and that sheís also trying to use Philip to get to her.  Olivia lies and tells Beth that she didnít shred the diary; it was stolen.  Beth is furious and blames Olivia for any trouble that may come her way as a result of the diary. 

Olivia learns Philip is taking Zach out of town.  She tells him Beth will come around but he isnít so sure.  She says Loreleiís past is weighing on Bethís mind. 

Beth tells Philip she cannot go with him because she canít support this decision.  He leaves and Olivia invites Bill over. 

Carmen tries to offer Edmund her sympathies but he doesnít want it; he wants revenge.  He tells her Rickís life support system was taken off for a few minutes and Rick got his heart.  He will make the Bauerís pay! 

Michelle and Danny talk about Melís possible involvement in Richardís death.  Danny thinks she should let it go but she still doesnít think she can.  Danny points out that she really doesnít know what happened. 

Later, Edmund tells Danny to keep an eye on Rickís equipment; Cedarsí equipment has a way of shutting off suddenly.  Danny understands Edmund is grieving but he wonít put up with his accusations.  Edmund and Carmen wonder why Danny is so defensive.  Edmund leaves for Cedars to get some answers.   

Ed visits Rick, who feels guilty about Cassieís grief.  Ed tries to convince Rick not to feel guilty about receiving Richardís heart.  His case was hopeless and he was an organ donor who wanted to be able to help others that way; Rick needs to embrace this heart as a gift.   

Michelle comes to the hospital and she and Ed talk about Richardís death.  She asks him what is a doctorís role in a situation like Richardís; should they prolong one life (even though the quality is gone) or should they help others.  Ed reasons that they are not God and if anyone has to make that decision, the family must do it.  In Richardís case, his family was lucky enough not to have to make that decision.  Michelle tells him sheís conflicted; she feels guilty but relieved at the same time. 

Later, she returns to Danny and tells him sheís going to forget she ever saw Mel near Richardís equipment.   

Lillian receives the results on Richardís respirator, which prove that someone did in fact shut off his support.   

Edmund finds the technician who Lillian spoke with and demands answers.  He learns that the equipment was operating perfectly; someone must have shut it off. 

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