Guiding Light Update Monday 7/22/02

By Naila

At the Beacon, Olivia receives a call from her publisher friend.  She makes plans to contact him later.  Alan shows up proposes again (this time with a ring… one helluva ring!).  Olivia asks Alan why… why does he want to marry her.  Alan gets down on one knee and tells her she “fascinates him… infuriates him… intoxicates him… he can’t live without her”.  Olivia realizes that Alan loves her.  When she can’t give him an answer he begins to leave.   Olivia asks him if he wants her to say she loves him too.  She is not sure she even knows what love is anymore.  Alan says he won’t make another proposal.  When she has decided what she wants, she can get down on one of her knees and ask him.   

Harley refuses to give Zach up to Philip but he continues to push.  Beth interrupts and asks Harley if she can take Zach out of the room while she and Philip ‘talk’.  Harley agrees as Gus is going with them.  Philip threatens to call the cops but Harley doesn’t think he will because he kidnapped Zach.  The both refuse to back down.  Harley tries to get to Zach.  When Philip grabs her, she puts her hand on her gun and says, “I’m warning you Philip..!”  Gus returns and tries to calm them both down but Philip won’t budge now that Harley has threatened to pull a gun on him.  The chief arrives, thinking that Harley and Gus are there officially.  When Philip fills him in on what is going on and demands that Harley is arrested, the chief has a uniform cuff Harley.    He then informs them that Zach will be taken to Social Services; if she doesn’t want him with Philip then this is the only alternative.  Harley asks to see Zach.  She tells him that she knows it’s her turn to be with him but plans have changed and he’ll be staying a little longer with daddy.  Philip takes Zach then asks her where Jude will be staying.  She tells him Frank will take care of him; Philip has to objections to that.  He tells her Rick’s operation was successful.  Before she is taken away, Philip tells her he’s always glad to see justice served… Harley says that it will be. 

After they leave, Beth questions how he can think everything is all right after her had Harley arrested.  She points out that he is doing to Harley what he did to her when she was with Edmund.   Beth thinks that it is all about him but Philip thinks that so far, his instincts have been right so he’ll continue to trust them.  Putting the children in the middle is only going to hurt them.  Philip says he appreciated her opinion but he’s doing what he thinks is right; Beth doesn’t think that her opinion does matter … he’ll always do what he wants, when he wants. 

Alan walks in and Beth congratulates him on successfully cloning himself!  Alan congratulates Philip on putting Harley in jail.  Beth apologizes to Philip for saying he was just like Alan.  She tells him if he’s afraid that Gus may hurt Harley or Zach then he needs to deal with him, not Harley.  Philip says that after today, Harley is now his problem too.   

At the station, Harley asks the chief to uncuff her.  He tells her he has to throw the book at her otherwise the press will come down hard on the department.  He suspends her and orders Gus to lock her up.  Alone in a cell, Harley says all she cares about now is that her son isn’t home where he belongs.  She tells Gus to leave her alone but he walks into the cell and locks himself in.  He assures her that he’ll always be with her and she will never be alone.   

Rick wakes up after the surgery, where Mel tells him the operation was a success and there’s no sign that his body is rejecting the new heart.  She leaves the room and runs into Cassie, who came to the hospital to meet with a nurse.  Cassie asks about Rick and Mel thanks her for what she did.  Cassie can’t continue the conversation … she is about to leave when Mel suggests that they go in together and tell Rick everything.  Cassie won’t do it… She can’t do it!  She knows she did the right thing but she hates the whole situation; she wants her husband back!  She tries to leave again but Mel thinks it’ll be helpful if she saw what Richard’s heart was able to do for Rick.  Cassie leaves.

Mel returns to Rick who talks about the person whose heart he received.  When Mel looks uncomfortable, Rick wonders if/why she won’t speak about the donor.  Mel, who planned on waiting before telling Rick about the heart, decides to tell him now.  “Your donor was a man we both knew… Richard Winslow.”  Rick can’t believe that after waiting this long for a heart, he ended up with one from someone he knew.  He asks about Cassie and Mel tells him she’s as well as can be expected.  Mel sits with Rick until he falls asleep then she leaves.

After learning where all Richard’s organs ended up, Cassie returns to Rick’s room.  This time she opens the door and goes in.  She watches the heart monitors then places her ear up against Rick’s chest and listens to the beat of Richard’s heart. 


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