Guiding Light Update Friday 7/19/02

By Naila

Marina confronts Philip and Beth, asking them why all the Spaulding’s treat her so badly.  Philip lets her know that he’s pleased that Lizzie’s putting distance between them because they don’t want her in any more trouble.  Ben makes Marina return to her work and apologizes to Philip and Beth.  Philip tells Beth he feels sorry for Marina.

Beth thanks Philip for not pressing the Lorelei issue.  If ever she’s ready to talk, he’ll be there for her.  Beth talks about memories of Lorelei returning and how difficult they are.  He tells her that he can forget about Bill if she can.  They leave the beach and head home.   

Harley searches for and finds the custody agreement.  She can’t believe she actually signed that … custody is shared and all arrangements for Zach must be agreed mutually.  Gus wonders if she was tricked but she tells him she pushed for the divorce, she suggested using the same lawyer, she turned down monetary support.  Philip was always easy about Zach … until Gus came around.  She realizes that, if he wanted to, Philip could take Zach away from her.  Gus apologizes but she doesn’t blame him; she blames herself and Philip.  Gus leaves for work and Harley takes off … without her badge. 

She leaves Jude with Buzz and takes off. 

Gus tries to find out how stable Harley’s case would be, should there be one.  Things don’t look good.  Gus decides to run a check on the woman from his past and comes up with a very long rap sheet. 

Harley enters the Spaulding house and the alarm goes off.  She punches in the code and shuts it off, not realizing that a signal was sent to the police. 

Gus hears a report of a break-in at the Spaulding’s and rushes over there. 

Harley gets Zach but Thomas tries to stop her from leaving.  She pushes him and he claims to have injured his back.  Gus shows up and Thomas tells him to arrest Harley.  Gus tries to get them out of there but Philip and Beth walk in.   

Ben takes Marina to Company and tells her that’s where she’ll be spending her summer if she doesn’t stop bothering the customers.  Marah says hi then takes off.  Marian tells him again that he’s wasting his time with that girl.  She thinks he should forget Marah and have some fun.  Marina kisses Ben and he tells her to be careful… he may forget how old she is.   

Ross and Blake try to have some time alone together at Company but Blake isn’t comfortable at all.  She does love him but she still can’t forget everything that happened. 

Ross leaves Blake and goes out to get some air.  He runs into Ed and fills him in on everything that went on with him and Blake.  He doesn’t know how to make Blake feel safe again.  Ed thinks that he just needs to slow down, give Blake some time.  Ross thanks him and tells him not to leave town again. 

Buss tells Blake he’s looking for her mom.  He’s heading to England because Rocky broke his leg and he wants Holly to join him. 

Blake is ready to leave but Ross won’t let her.  He proposes.  Blake reminds him that they both agreed once that they were better when they weren’t married.  Ross reminds her how precious time is, citing Richard and Rick as perfect examples.  Blake turns him down. 

Buzz asks Ed if he knows where Holly is.  Ed tells him she’s been spending time at the hospital so he won’t be able to reach her on the cell.   

Michelle and Danny are at the Beacon when Tony shows up with a Carmen, who’s furious with her son.  She questions his capability for heading the family.  Danny challenges her and Michelle supports him.  After Carmen leaves, Danny commends Michelle for handling Carmen so well. Michelle is worried Carmen will come after him but Danny isn’t. 

Michelle talks to Tony about Marah and asks him if he’s sure that it’s really over.  Marah interrupts them (she and Michelle had plans).  Tony learns about Richard’s death and gives Marah his sympathies. 

Michelle leaves them alone.  Tony offers to leave but Marah says it’s not necessary… they’re in public so it’s safe.  Tony apologizes again and tells her he learned a lot about himself that night; nothing like that will ever happen again.  Marah agrees and walks away. 

Still together, Marah and Tony both fantasize about getting back together.


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