Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/18/01

By Naila

Philip makes arrangements to go for custody of Zach.  Olivia interrupts and gives him the good news about Rick.  Beth arrives and sees them embracing.  Philip tells her about Rick.  Alan arrives and asks Olivia to leave with him; they need to talk. 

Beth tells Philip that her trip was unnecessary; she’s happy with the life she has now.  Philip doesn’t want her to pursue this… she tells him she’s not as weak as he thinks.  He knows she is not weak; he just wants her to be happy again. 

Alan takes Olivia to Company where he tells her about Richard.  Olivia recalls that she was 19 when she first started working with him.  He was her teacher, her mentor, her friend and she is so sorry for the way she treated him.  She could see how disappointed he was in her.  Alan comforts her; he tells her not to feel guilty about her mistakes… learn from them… don’t waste a moment of life; grab on to whatever makes her feel alive.  “Maybe you’re right,” Olivia says as she thinks about her kiss with Philip. 

Edmund goes to visit Richard (and takes flowers) but finds an empty bed.  Ed comes in and Edmund congratulates him on Rick’s successful surgery.  When Edmund asks what room Richard was moved to, Ed tells him Richard died.  Edmund can’t believe that no one contacted him even when Richard had a stroke.  Ed mentions that Cassie donated Richard's organs.  Edmund realizes Rick received his brother’s heart.  He accuses the Bauers of taking advantage of their connections to ensure that Rick is given first-class care.  Meanwhile, Richard was neglected and, as a result, he died.  Michelle can’t come to her family's defense because she still thinks Mel shut off the machine.  Ed vows to make them pay, but Danny warns him not to come near his family.

Beth and Philip come in and congratulate the Bauers.  Ed tells them about Richard's death. 

Later, outside Richard's room, Ed overhears Lillian saying that Richard's ventilator was turned off for a few minutes then turned back on, which could make a critical difference. 

Reva asks Josh to take the children and leave her and Cassie alone.  Cassie breaks down telling Reva that she wanted to remember this day as their wedding anniversary… not as the day Richard died.  They talk about fond memories they each had about Richard.  Cassie makes sure Reva understands she doesn’t blame her and is not angry with her for not revealing Richard's secrets.  Cassie tells Reva that she’d be lost without her; she’s the only person left who she can count on.  Reva realizes that she cannot hurt Cassie anymore by telling her about Richard’s death.

She and Cassie join Josh and the children on the beach.  Cassie talks with Tammy about Richard. She tells her it’s all right to cry for her dad.  Cassie decides to bury Richard in Springfield… it was where he worked so hard to make a home for their family. 

Ed calls to let them know that the operation was successful and Rick is doing well. 

The End