Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Sharon 

At the bar, Beth asks Bill to help her remember his time with Lorelei.  She tells Bill that if they were friends, he needs to start acting like it. 

At the hospital, Cassie, Reva, and Josh are standing outside of Richard's room.  Cassie tells Reva and Josh that she needs to go to the beach to see the kids.  Lillian approaches and asks to speak to Cassie alone.  Cassie tells her that it is ok to speak in front of Reva and Josh.  Lillian informs Cassie that Richard's heart is a match for Rick.  Lillian encourages Cassie to tell the Bauer's the good news herself, she declines.  Lillian commends her for giving this precious gift.  Cassie, Reva, and Josh leave to go to the beach.  Lillian goes to Rick's room to tell Rick and Mel that they have a heart for Rick.  The Doctor comes in and tells Rick that it's time to begin getting him prepared for the transplant.  Michelle, Ed, and Danny give Rick their best.  Outside the room, Michelle asks Lillian who's heart it is. 

At the beach, Cassie, Reva, and Josh watch Tammy, RJ, and Will from a distance.  Cassie asks Reva and Josh how she should tell the children about Richard.  Josh recalls when he had to tell Shayne and Marah about Reva's driving off the pier.  He tells Cassie to just tell them the truth.  Cassie approaches the kids and tells them that she loves them.  Tammy asks her if Richard has died, but she tells Cassie that she already knows that he has. 

Back at the bar, Beth asks Bill as they are dancing, why he is holding back the truth from her.  He tells her that maybe she is better off just going home to her "good life".  He tells her that he is amazed that she doesn't remember, they were more than friends-they were lovers.  She tells him that she wants to know everything.  Bill tells her that he and Lorelei met at the bar, Bill was outside getting some air when Lorelei walked up from behind and grabbed a beer out of his hand.  Bill recognized her as a hitchhiker that he had picked up a few days before.  Lorelei asked him to dance outside the bar.  Bill tells Beth that he and Lorelei didn't sleep together the first night.  He tells her that a week later, after they had been horseback riding, the two of them made love in the stables.  He asks Beth how she could not remember that and tells her that Lorelei was gone the next morning.  He tried to look for her for a few days but he couldn't find her.  Beth  tells Bill that she doesn't believe that he and Lorelei had a fling.  He tells Beth that it was not a fling at all. 

Back at the hospital, Lillian tells Michelle that the heart is Richards.  Michelle tells Danny that she is going to go tell Rick and Ed, Danny wants to know why she needed to know who's heart it was.  Michelle describes Mel's recent behavior and says that she thinks that Mel might have done anything to save Rick.  Danny asks if she thinks that Mel pulled the plug in Richard. 

Back at the beach, Cassie leaves with the kids.  Josh tells Reva that it was such a miracle  that God took Richard when he did.  Reva tells him it wasn't God, it was her that took Richard's life.  Reva tells Josh the events leading up to Richard's death.  After hearing all of the facts, Josh is speechless.  A frightened Reva asks him to tell her if she did the right thing.   

Cassie takes the kids to the Beacon, Tammy and Cassie discuss Reva and Josh's wedding and remember that night with Richard.  Tammy tells Cassie that she thought of Richard as her real Father, he was always there and she thought he always would be.  They both cry, Cassie rushes upstairs, she tells Tammy that she has forgotten something.  Cassie goes into the room where she and Richard were when he came to her in the dream before he died.   She lays on the bed and cries as the rose that Richard gave her in the dream lies beside it on the floor. 

At the bar, Beth tells Bill that if he was telling her the truth, he would have been in Lorelei's diary.  Bill tells her that he doesn't know, maybe he meant more to Lorelei then the other men she mentioned in the diary.  Bill kisses her, she slaps him and tells him to never kiss her again. 

At the beach, Josh asks Reva if she took Richard's life out of love.  Reva replies that she did, and asks Josh if he thinks that she is a murderer.  Josh tells her no, but says that he could have never done what she did.  She tells him that she needs him on her side.  He assures her that there is only one thing he can call her, an angel.  They embrace. 

As a song plays, at the Beacon,  Cassie sees the rose from Richard on the floor,  picks it up and thinks of the Lion.  Ed and Michelle look through old pictures of Rick at the hospital.  Mel lights a candle in the chapel.  Josh consoles Reva on the beach. 

Back at the bar, Bill asks Beth to spend some time with him alone.  She tells him that she needs to go home to Springfield, he says that he will see her there. 

Josh and Reva arrive at the Beacon and Josh tells Reva that she shouldn't tell Cassie about her being responsible for Richard's death.  Reva says that she has to, Cassie deserves to know how Richard died. 

Back at the hospital, Ed informs Michelle, Danny, and Mel that Rick is in serious but stable condition.  He says that the surgery went well and there is a new heart beating in Rick's chest.

The End

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