Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/16/01

By Sharon

At the Marler's, Holly comes to see Blake. Blake assures her that they don't need to worry about Tory anymore. Blake is redecorating the house. Holly tells her that she is only redecorating to try to remove the memories of Tory. Holly suggests that Blake and Ross sell the house and start over. Ross comes home with the kids.

At the beach, Tammy tells Marina and Shayne that she is worried about her Mom and Richard. Ben stares over at Marah as he, Remy, and Marina talk about work. Ben walks away and Remy tells Marina that Ben is unavailiable. Marina replies that the summer has only just begun, and so has she.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia reads a postcard for Phillip from Beth. Alan asks her if Phillip is the reason that she hasn't accepted his marriage proposal yet.

Beth walks into a bar in Texas, she steps up to the bar and the bartender recognizes her. He welcomes her back as Bill walks up behind her. Beth turns around and is shocked, she asks Bill what he's doing there. Bill tells her that he is in Texas on business. Beth realizes that she and Bill used to hang out at the bar together. Bill plays a song on the jukebox and they begin to dance slowly.

Back at the Mansion, Olivia informs Alan that she isn't in a rush to get married. She tells him that she believes that he just wants her to be tied to him financially for the rest of her life. Alan tells her that he needs her and he wants her body, mind and soul. Phillip enters, Olivia asks him if he has spoken to his attorney about Zach. Alan chimes in that there will be no problem when the judge hears all about Gus' juvenile record. Alan leaves the room and Olivia informs phillip of Alan's proposal.

Back at the beach, Remy discourages Marina from pursuing Ben. As Shayne's cell phone rings, Tammy tells him that if it's about Richard, she wants to know. Shayne lies tells her it's a lacrosse buddy, it's really Josh. When she walks away, Josh tells Shayne that Richard has died. Marah looks on, stunned. Shayne gets off the phone and tells Marah that Josh doesn't want them to tell Tammy about Richard, Cassie is on the way. Marina tells Ben that he needs to get over Marah, he tells her that he is concerned that something is going on with her.

At the Mansion, Phillip tells Olivia to go ahead and marry Alan, he has no problem with it. Olivia hands the post card from Beth to Phillip and informs him that she thinks Bill followed Beth to Texas. Phillip tells her that he doesn't care, and leaves. Alan comes in and tells Olivia that she had a phone call on his private line from Michael Masterson. Olivia assures him that it's just about the Beacon, but Alan warns her, he knows that she is lying.

Back at the bar, Beth and Bill are still dancing, Bill leans in to kiss her. Beth stops him and again, asks him what kind of friends he and Loreli were. Bill admits that he and Loreli spent only a week together and says that he can tell that she is freaked about it.

At the Marler's, Holly takes the kids to the beach. Blake gets upset because she doesn't want the kids to ever find out what happened with Tory. Blake asks Ross if they can sell the house and start over. Ross agrees. Blake asks him how they let Tory come between them. Ross says he doesn't know but maybe they should go to counseling so they can get back where they belong.

At the hospital, a Doctor tell Tory that she is being moved to a "different hospital", she tells him that she understands where she is going. She flirts and flatters the Doctor as he wheels her away.

At the beach, Ben acts cooly towards Marina. Shayne brings Lizzie and Tammy some food, he seems uneasy and leaves to go pick up RJ and Will. Ben finds Marah alone and asks her if she is still mad at him about the bet. She says that she is not, and tells him about Richard's death. They discuss the future and wish each other the best.

At the bar, Bill and Beth arm wrestle, Beth wins. Bill goes to get a drink. A man named Hank walks up and tells Beth that Loreli and Bill used to be a really hot item. Bill returns and Beth tells him what Hank has said. Bill just smiles.

Back at the Mansion, Olivia asks Alan to stop talking about marriage, he continues to push the issue. She tells him that she doesn't know if she wants to marry him. Alan leaves. Olivia calls Michael Masterson, he has good news for her. He has found a publisher for Loreli's diary. Olivia tells him again that Loreli wishes to remain anonymous until the diary is published and then her life will be availiable for everyone to read.

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