Guiding Light Update Monday 7/15/02

By Naila

Philip is furious after reading Gusí juvenile record.  Olivia arrives and he tells her about it.  He thinks Gus lied to Harley about it but, Harley arrives and tells him Gus told her everything.  Philip canít believe that sheís still living with him after learning about his past.  When he refuses to let Zach leave with Harley and things get heated and Olivia takes Zach out so they can finish up.  Philip will take action to protect the boys from Gus.  Harley canít believe heíd try to get the Bauerís to go after Jude.  She pleads with him to trust her judgment but he canít.  When he refuses to tell her where Zach is, she leaves.  Sheíll let her son spend the night but she will be back for him.  Philip tells her not to bother unless Gus is gone!

At the hospital, Gus sneaks Jude in to see Rick.  Later, he runs into Harley who tells him what happened with Philip.  She tells him she wonít choose between him and her children.  Philip better be ready for a fight. 

Josh finds Cassie at the Beacon.  He tells her Richard had a stroke and they need to hurry over there.  Cassie says itís okay; Richard is gone. 

Reva come in and sees them working on Richard.  Michelle tells her itís just procedure.  But Richard is in fact dead.  Mel returns and confirms it.  She tells Reva the ventilator is working to keep his organs viable but there is no brain activity.

Ed is reluctant to have Rick give him instructions for his funeral but he does it to put Rick at ease.  The two agree not to give up hope.

Michelle tells Ed about Richard.  She isnít sure if Mel had anything to do with it (she doesnít tell Ed this).  She asks her dad if he expected Richard to go so quickly.  Ed tells her that Richard would not have survived the stroke if there was a DNR.  Mel adds that if he had ever woken up he would have been in excruciating pain.  Ed is glad Richard went the way he did; it saved the family from having to make a very difficult decision. 

Cassie finally arrives at the hospital.  She thanks Reva for being with Richard.  Reva tells her Richard was unconscious when he went.  Cassie knows he was at peace because Reva was with him.  She tells Reva he came to her in a dream and assured her that everything was all right. 

Reva leaves and gives Cassie some time alone.  Lillian explains to Cassie that Richard was listed as an organ donor but itís all up to her; nothing will be done without her permission.  Cassie canít make a decision right away.   

Reva returns to the chapel where she meets Josh.  She tells him how much worse it got for Richard after the stroke.  Sheís glad Cassie didnít see him like that.  Josh thinks itís a blessing that God took Richard now (since nothing could be done) instead of leaving him to a life of pain and suffering. 

Cassie stands outside Rickís room watching him and his family.  She tells Lillian she wants to choose who Richardís heart goes to.  Lillian tells her that as long as the two match, she can make a choice.


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