Guiding Light Update Friday 7/12/02

By Eva

At the hospital, Michelle and Harley anxiously wait for news on Rick's
condition.  Mel comes out of Rick's room and tells them that Rick's condition
is the same his heart is failing.  Mel cries and shares her frustration and
sorrow over Rick's condition with Harley and Michelle.  Mel feels that all
her medical degrees are useless if she can't even save her own husband.  Mel
says she shouldn't be crying because she has seen people in Rick's condition
many times.  Harley tells her that just because she is a doctor doesn't mean
she shouldn't have feelings.
Philip sees the women together crying and thinks something is wrong with Rick
but Mel tells him that Rick's condition is the same.

Philip and Harley find a seat in the hospital to talk.  Harley tells Philip
that Gus is dropping Zach off at the mansion so that Philip could spend some
extra time with him.  Harley says its an olive branch to put an end to their
recent arguments.  Philp says thank you and talks about the last time he
spoke to Rick and the promise that he made to take care of Jude in case
anything happened to him.Philip tells Harley that he will treat Jude as if he
were his own son and he will never want for anything.  Harley becomes
defensive and thinks Rick asked Philip to take care of Jude because Rick
thought that she couldn't take care of Jude on her own when if he should die.
 Philip tells her that Rick didn't mean that at all he just wanted to make
sure his son would be OK. Philip and Harley begin to argue again and Philip
says that Rick was probably worried because of her relationship with Gus.

At the Spaulding mansion. Lizzie tells Gus that he can leave now because she
can take care of Zach.  Gus notices that Lizzie is nervous and he says that
there is no need for her to be nervous because if she feels bad about the
things she did all she has to do is apologize.  Lizzie says that she is sorry
about what she did and Gus and Lizzie both wait for Philip to arrive.  Alan
arrives instead and tells Gus to leave because he can take care of Zach. 
Alan tells Gus that the next time Zach has a visit scheduled or unscheduled
with Philip that she should call the house so that Alan or his staff can pick
up Zach.  Alan again criticizes Harley's choice in boyfriends and her ability
as a mother.  Gus tells him that he would rather live in a home with Harley
and her family then in alan's home.

At the hospital, Reva sings to Richard as she cries and kisses his head and
tells him good-bye.  At the same time at the Beacon hotel Cassie has a dream
of Richard lying in the hospital bed and says no no. 

At the Beacon hotel, Cassie wakes from her dream and Richard's soul appears
to say good bye to Cassie and Keep the date they made for their anniversary. 
Cassie wonders how he got out of the hospital and if this is all a dream. 
Richard says that they don't have much time and they shouldn't waste it. 
Richard says he wants to make love to Cassie so they make love.

At the hospital, Reva gets ready to leave Richard's room but she overhears
Lilian and Mel talking about Rick.  After they leave Reva checks to see if
anyone is in the hall since she doesn't see anyone she quietly slips out of
the room and heads to the hospital chapel.  Mel talks to lilian and is
desperate to do something anything for Rick so she calls the donor bank to
see if there is a heart available. Mel cries and wonders why Rick gave away
his chance at life to someone else.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Philp and Harley continue to argue but they
apologize because they know they both upset about Rick's condition.  Philip
say s that he is really trying hard not to be a controlling personand that is
why he gave her Gus's juvenile file trusting that she would do the right
thing once she read it.  Harley says she never read the file that Gus told
her what was in it and that she trusts him.  Philip becomes angry at finding
out she never read the file and they begin their war of words again.

At the hospital chapel, Reva cries and tries to make sense of her decision. 
Reva decides that what she did was the right thing and she begs God to give
her a sign that she did the right thing.

At the Beacon hotel, Richard tells Cassie not to be sad and to look out for
herself.  Richard tells her she was the only woman who ever loved him for
himself.  Cassie thanks Richard for always loving her and protecting her. 
Richard thanks Cassie for all the joy she has given him and he kisses her. 
Richard tells her that they are a part of each other.

At the hospital chapel, Lilian arrives and asks how Reva is doing.  Reva says
she is doing fine but Lilian tells her to take care of herself because it is
hard watching someone you love slip away.Lilian offers to go upstairs to sit
with Richard if she needs more time to herself.  Reva says she is ready to go
upstairs to Richard's room and they go upstairs. 

In Richard's room.  Mel checks on him and notices that the respirator is
turned off.  Mel wonders who could have done this to Richard as she rushes to
turn the machines back on and try to help Richard Lilian hears the alarms and
says Oh my God Richard as she and Reva arrive upstairs.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Gus arrives to interrupt Philip and Harley's
argument.  Philip tells Gus that the argument is about him and his influence
over Zach.  Gus asks Philip to step outside with him and settle this like a
Philip says he would love to fight Gus but he says instead he will handle him
the way he should have handled him from the beginning.  When Philip storms
out Harley worries that Philip is planning something.  Gus offers to move out
of the house but Harley says no.  Harley urges Gus to keep cool and wait for
Philip's next move.

At the Spaulding mansion.  Philip asks Alan for the Key to his desk.  Philip
reads Gus's file.

At the Beacon hotel, Richard Promises Cassie he will always watch over her
and she will never be alone.  Richard asks cassie to thank Reva for all she
has done for them.  Richard Kisses Cassie one last time and leaves her
sleeping peacefully.


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