Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/11/01

By Naila

Cedars Hospital – Rick’s family and friends rally around him; Reva struggles with Richard’s request. 

Cassie goes to the Beacon and spends the night trying to reach Richard; begging hime not to leave her.   

Lillian finds Mel outside Richard’s room.  Mel tells her that she was just checking to see how he was doing.  Lillian encourages her not to lose hope.

Danny finds Michelle in the garden and gets her to share memories of Rick with him; happy, sad, confusing, angry moments.  He then tells her that Rick will always be a part of her because those memories will always be with her.

Harley rushes over after receiving a message from Michelle.  She does her best to remain cheerful with Rick but she breaks down, begging him not to leave her to raise Jude alone.

Mel comes in and she and Harley talk.  Mel asks Harley to promise her that Jude will always be a part of her life.  Harley tells her that, as Rick’s wife, she has a right to Jude. Harley is certain that Rick will pull through this. 

Ed tells Holly that he wants a drink.  She reveals that she too is an alcoholic.  She tries to get him to join her at a meeting but he declines.  Later, he shows up at the meeting.

Mel apologises to Rick and asks him to forgive her for not taking the opportunity to get him a heart.  As desperate as she is to keep him alive, it is not up to her… she is not God. 

In the chapel, Reva begs God not to put her in this position.  She needs some kind of definite sign because she doesn’t know if Richard meant what he said. 

When she returns to Richard’s room, Lillian tells her that Cassie dropped the kids off at home because she had some place she needed to be.  Reva tries to reach her on her cell but there is no answer.  Once again Reva tries to learn more about Richard;s condition.  Lillian tells her that Richard won’t ever be able to talk again because he won’t survive without the respirator; he can return home but they will need to take all the equipment with them because they are keeping him alive; Richard could be in this condition for weeks… perhaps months… even years.  Even though it’s unlikely that he will regain consciousness, Lillian gives Reva a message board that he can use to communicate with them (by blinking). 

Reva is by Richard’s side when he regains consciousness.  She tells him that she needs to tell Cassie but he does not what her to.  She sees that this is her sign from God but she refuses to make this decision… it is not fair of him to ask this of her.  She shows him the message board and asks him if he wants to live.  She tries desperately to get a “YES” from him but he refuses.  She sees that he wants to say something else so she holds up the message board again.  When her hand reaches “PLEASE”, Richard blinks urgently.  Reva still can’t bring herself to do it.  But when Richard has another spasm, she can’t bear to see him in such pain.  She turns off the alarm and then, after a moment’s hesitation, shuts off his life support.

The End