Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/10/02

By Sharon 

At the hospital, Reva recalls Richard's request to help him die.  Phillip visits Rick, Ed tell him that the Doctors have done everything they can.  Mel watches over and tells God that he can't let Rick die. 

At the Marler house, Blake begs Tory to let Ross go.  Tory tells Blake that she is trying to help her, that by killing Ross, Blake will be free and she will survive without Ross.  Blake tells her that she already is a survivor, that everyone has always left her.  Upstairs, the tub is almost full.   Harley tries to radio the cop who is unconscious outside, she gets no response.  Gus tries to call Blake but Tory will not let her answer the phone.  Gus leaves a message and he and Harley figure out that Blake may be there and not alone.  Blake and Tory struggle with the gun but Tory keeps her grip.  Tory insists that she is helping Blake and suggests that they should go away together.  Blake agrees to keep Tory pacified. 

Back at Cedars, Phillip tells Rick a story about Jude to help brighten his spirits.  Phillip tells Rick that he needs to stick around, he finally has everything he has ever wanted and so much to look forward to.  In the corridor, the Doctor tells Reva that that the machines are keeping Richard alive and that he is probably in a lot of pain.  He tells Reva that he has no choice but to keep him alive, suffering.   

Back at the Marler's,  Tory comforts Blake, but Blake turns around and knocks Tory over.  Tory collects herself and shoots the gun at Blake.  Blake falls to the floor.   

At the hospital, Rick asks Phillip to protect Jude when he's gone.   A weepy Phillip promises that he will treat him as if he was his own.  Phillip tells Rick that he will make sure that Jude knows everything about Rick.  Rick falls asleep and Phillip walks out of the room.  Olivia is outside the room, she fills Phillip in on Richard's condition.  They reminisce about their times with Rick and Richard.   Comforting each other, they hold hands.   In the Chapel, Mel overhears Reva begging God to take Richard so he isn't in agony anymore.   Outside of Rick's room Lillian approaches Ed and Michelle and asks if she can do anything to help.  Michelle snaps that she can find Rick a heart.  Ed tells Lillian that he wishes that people would sign the back of their drivers licenses so more people could be organ donors.   

At the Marler's, Blake comes to and realizes that the bullet has been caught in her bullet proof vest, she heads upstairs.  As Tory is pushing Ross's head under the water, Blake hits her from behind with a poker.  Blake struggles to lift Ross out of the tub.  Blake gives Ross mouth to mouth as Tory wakes up and grabs the poker.  Just as Tory raises the poker to hit Blake, Harley and Gus bust in and grab the poker.  Harley begins CPR on Ross.  Ross comes to and Blake embraces him crying.  As the cops take Tory away she tells Blake that it is not over.  Blake thanks Harley for her help and Harley and Gus leave.  Ross and Blake are happy that they are both safe. 

Back at Cedars, Holly comforts Ed.  In the chapel, Reva is still talking to God.  She asks him to show her what the right decision is regarding Richard's life.  Mel picks up and studies an organ donor patients chart, as she walks down the hall reading it, she realizes that it is Richard's.

The End

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