Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/9/01

By Sharon

At the Spaulding Mansion, a Michael Masterson comes to see Olivia about Loreli's diary. He thinks it's going to be a best seller. Reading the diary he asks Olivia if what's in it is all true. Olivia tells him that it is but the author wishes to remain anonymous. He gladly tells her that he will look for a publisher and leaves. Alan walks in and is suspicious of Olivia and Michael Masterson's business. Olivia lies and tells Alan that Michael Masterson is just going to do some promoting for the Beacon. Alan asks Olivia if she has thought about his marriage proposal she asks if he means his hostile takeover. She tells Alan that his proposal was very unromantic and that once in a while she would like to see some true feelings from him. Olivia tells Alan that he could learn alot from Phillip because he knows how to love a woman. Alan tells her that he could take care of her and help her make her dreams come true, if she will let him. Oliva spits to him that he doesn't know her at all. He reminds her that the clock is ticking, and leaves.

At Michelle and Danny's, Ed tells Michelle of Richard's stroke. Danny enters, leaving for work and Michelle asks him if she could come too. She tells Danny that if you can't beat them, join them. She says that she is ready to play the role of the wife of the most feared man in town. She teases that she might even call his mother for some fashion tips. Danny realizes that she is just worried about him and vows to her that he will make things work. Ed yells out to Michelle that Rick is having a heart attack. Danny calls for an ambulance.

At the hospital. Bill asks Lillian about Beth's whereabouts. Lillian tells him that she went to Texas so she can deal with her past. Bill tells Lillian that he knows a little about Beth being Loreli. He then walks away from a shocked Lillian. Mel asks Lillian if she is alright, Lillian asks her why she is at work and not with Rick. Mel tells her that she needs to keep busy, she tries to call Rick on his cell phone and gets his voice mail. She then calls and leaves a message at Michelles. Ed enters rolling Rick into the hospital, explaining what has happened, Mel begins to work on Rick.

At the Marlors, Tory has Ross tied up with his mouth duct taped shut. Tory forces Ross upstairs with the gun at his back. Blake is standing outside of the house arguing with a cop who doesn't want her to go inside. Upstairs, as Tory is running a bath, she rips off Ross' clothes reminding him of the shower that they took together in San Cristobel. She pulls out a hypodermic needle and tells him to relax. She puts Ross in the tub and tells him that she has given him a muscle relaxer and that soon, he won't be able to keep his head above the water. As Tory begins taking off her clothes claiming to show Ross what he could have had, she hears a noise. She goes downstairs to investigate. Ross begins to slip lower into the water. Blake enters the house as the cop looks around outside. In the living room, Blake spots a piece of chalk on the floor prompting her to believe that Tory and Ross have been there. Blake heads upstairs.

Back at the Spaulding Mansion Bill arrives to talk to Phillip but Olivia is the only one there. Olivia asks Bill if he is there to see Phillip to find out where Beth is in Texas. Bill tells her that he does want to know because he believes that he can help her. Olivia tell Bill that she remembers a place where Loreli used to hang out in Texas. Bill leaves.

Back at the hospital, the Doctor says that Rick is not responding well and needs a heart right away. Lillian tells Ed that the Doctor said that he may only last through the night. Ed wonders how he could have left his children and missed so much of their lives. Michelle, Mel, Ed and Lillian surround Rick's bed, Rick realizes that he is in bad shape. Mel speaks to him encouragingly but Rick is giving up hope. Mel gets angry with him and walks out of the room. Ed follows her and offers his support. Inside the room, Michelle tells Rick that he can't give up.

Back at the Marlors, Tory pulls a gun on the cop outside while Blake finds Ross in the bathtub, turns off the water and tries to pull him out. Tory then storms into the bathroom, points the gun at Blake and tells her to turn the water back on, Ross isn't finished with his bath yet. Blake turns the water back on...

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