Guiding Light Update Monday 7/8/01

By Naila

Blake, Gus and Harley are shocked when they realize that the pizza person is not Tory.  The olives on the pizza spell out “Widow Marley”.   Harley tries to warn Ross. 

Ross (who can hear them but can’t talk to them) rushes out to protect Blake but he is stopped by Tory, who pulls a gun on him.  She all but admits that she killed Stewart (‘cut brake lines, spiked drinks’).  Tory knows all about his little plan.  She demands that he remove the earpiece (he doesn’t get Harley’s message).  She ties him up and tapes his mouth shut.

Tory reminisces about times she and Ross spent in that classroom.  She plays lawyer… making an opening statement for the prosecution.  She won’t forgive him for using her, for hurting her.  Then she removes the tape and gives him a chance to defend himself. Ross tells that he loves her and will do anything for her.  His only condition is that he not hurt Blake; he wants his children to have at least one of their parents.  Tory’s not impressed.  She finds him guilty and sentences him to death.  She unties him and leads him out of the classroom.   

Blake, Gus and Harley show up at the university to find Ross’ classroom empty.  Gus comes across a page from Ross’ address book. “Bauer cabin” is written on it.  Blake is sure that it’s a message from Ross but Gus and Harley aren’t so sure.  They decide to drop Blake off at the police station before they proceed.   

Tory and Ross arrive at the house.  He still tries to convince her that he really does love her.  Tory doesn’t buy any of it but Ross persists.  Tory is going to make sure he pays.   

Cassie runs into Ed at the beach and they discuss Richard.  She is about to call the hospital to check on him when Ed advises her not to; she shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a break.  Ed understands what she’s feeling.  He consoles her.  He tries to give her some advice about how to deal with loss by sharing his experiences with Maureen. 

Cassie goes to play with R.J. and Ed tries to talk with Tammy, who asks him if Richard will die.  Ed can’t say no.   

Reva wills Richard to open his eyes and come back to them.  She is overjoyed and can’t wait to tell Cassie but Richard says “No,” when she is about to make the call.  Before he can explain himself, Richard goes under again.  Lillian tries to make her understand that Richard may not be on his way back to them.  She tells Reva it may be better if he doesn’t regain consciousness because his every waking moment will be filled with excruciating pain.  She does encourage Reva to believe in miracles though.  Reva tries to reach him again, urging him to fight the pain so he can tell her what he wanted to.  Richard opens his eyes again.  Reva is shocked to hear him say, “Help me… Help me die!”

Richard begs Reva to help him die but she thinks Cassie should be the one to make such a decision.  He asks her to do it for Cassie, because he loves her too much.  Before Reva can respond, Richard has another spasm.   

Ed arrives and encourages Reva to have faith.  Ed speaks with Richard’s doctor then informs Reva that Richard did not have another spasm… he suffered a major stroke.  His chances of survival are slim to none; he can’t survive without the ventilator.  Ed leaves and Richard’s words resonate in Reva’s mind. 


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