Guiding Light Update Friday 7/5/02

By Eva

At the Spaulding Mansion, The Spaulding family takes their family pictures. Alan tells Philip that Zach seems happier their then he does when he is with Harley and Gus. Lizzie defends Gus and says that what happened with him was all because of her and Marina. Alan hints that an important family member is absent from the pictures. Olivia tells him it is a family picture and she wouldn't feel right being in it since she isn't family. Alan says that she wasn't talking about her he was talking about her he meant Beth. Olivia says the last time she checked Beth and Philip were not married. Alan says that eventually they will be and he doesn't wan to have to take the pictures over again. Lizzie asks Philip if he and Beth are getting married again. Philip says that they have not decided yet. Alan tells Lizzie that her parents will get married if he has anything to do about it. Philip and Alan argue because Alan is upset Philip let Beth go to Texas. Philip says that unlike someone else in the family he lets the women in his life make their own decisions.

At the hospital, Cassie has the dream about the lion coming toward her. Reva arrives and Cassie happily tells Reva there will soon be a change in Richard's condition.

Outside the Marler house, Gus is upset because he is in a surveillance van instead of being at home asleep. Harley is upset because Gus is keeping her awake while she is supposed to be resting. Gus is moody and wishes he could smoke a cigarette. Harley says he can smoke if he wants but please be quiet so she can sleep.

Inside the Marler house, Blake tells Ross she hadn't slept all night because she kept having nightmares about Ross sleeping with Tory at the Bauer cabin. Blake wonders just how far Ross would have gone with Tory if the exterminator hadn't shown up at the cabin. Blake asks Ross if he would have slept with Tory. Ross tells her that nothing happened because he used his bad back as an excuse to keep Tory away from him. Blake pressures Ross and asks him again if he would have slept with Tory. Ross says he had everything under control before the exterminator got to the cabin and nothing would have happened between him and Tory. Blake say that shies still being held prisoner by Tory because she can't get Tory out of her head.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan is still upset because Beth isn't in the family picture. The photographer says he could add her in the picture digitally later but he need someone to stand in her place. Olivia eagerly offers to take Beth's place and stands beside Philip. Alan's jealousy shows when Philip doesn't seem to care that Olivia is Beth's stand in.

At the hospital, Cassie tells Reva about her previous Lion dreamand how much it frightened her.Cassie also tells her that she had the lion dream again just before she arrived and this time the Lion didn't frighten her at all. The Lion was strong and healthy. Cassie thinks this latest dream means Richard will recover.Cassie tries to hang on to hope while Reva tries to get her to face the truth about Richard's condition. Cassie says life would not be so cruel as to take Richard away from her just like Hart was taken from her. Cassie says she lost Hart and she will not Lose Richard . Cassie thinks that if she would have had more faith when Hart was in the hospital maybe he would have recovered. Cassie thinks that she was put in the same position again so that she would have faith and make the right choice with Richard.

At the Spualding Mansion, Olivia looks at the proofs of the family picture. Alan says she could have been a part of the family picture if she would just behave herself. Alan offers Olivia a proposal of engagement. Olivia figures out that he will never actually go through with the marriage he just wants to be able to tell his grandchildren he is engaged. Alan says she is right and Olivia says if she gets engaged to him then she has the right to keep her eye out for other offers. Alan gives her 48 hours to make up her mind about the proposal of engagement.

Outside the Marler house, Gus and Harley test the recording equipment. Harley tells Blake she left a bullet proof vest for her t o wear hidden behind the couch. When Blake puts it on Ross gets nervous and almost pulls the plug on the whole plan.Gus has a feeling that something will go very very wrong.

Inside the Marler house, Ross reluctantly decides to go through with the plan. After saying an emotional good-bye to Blake Ross heads to the university to teach his class.

Meanwhile at the Spualding mansion, Alan shows Philip a copy of Gus's juvenile record. Philip stops Alan before he can read it out loud. Philip tells Alan to stay out of the situation. Alan says he will lock the papers in his desk drawer and when Philip decides to do something about Zach's future all he has to do is ask Alan for the key. Alan leaves Philip alone to think. Olivia arrives and Philip takes to her about not wanting to be like Alan. Philip explains that he forced himself to trust Harley about Gus because he didn't want to be like Alan. Olivia tells him that she understands how Alan can push people's buttons.

At the hospital. Reva remembers when Richard asked her to keep his Job a secret from Cassie .

At the beach, Cassie shows Tammy pictures of josh and Reva's wedding. Cassie wonders how she can sit under the sun instead of doing something to help her father. Cassie says they are helping Richard by being together as a family.

At the Marler house, Blake asks Gus over the microphone if he was on a case and an attractive woman asked him to sleep with her would he do it. Gus says it would depend on how attractive the woman was. Harley asks Gus if his plane was about to crash and he was there alone with his ex-wife would he sleep with her.Gus says that if he was lucky enough to be married to Harley nothing would ever make him cheat or even look at another woman.

At the university. Ross teaches his class but he can't concentrate so he cuts the class short. One of his students brings Ross a note from Tory.

At the Marler house, Harley spots Tory arriving in a pizza delivery car. Harley tells Blake to stay calm and get ready.

At the hospital, Reva tells Richard about Cassie's latest dream and urges him to come back to his family. Reva says that she called Marissa and asked her if Jonathan could come visit him but Marissa didn't think that was a good idea. Cassie tells Richard that she wants to have faith that he will recover but she doesn't think that will happen.

At the beach. Cassie explains to Tammy that they have to have faith because of the many miricles that have happened in their family. Cassie says that in order for the miracle to come true they all have to believe it can happen. Cassie and Tammy hold hands and imagine Richard has recovered.

At the hospital. As Reva sits by Richard's bedside Richard suddenly opens his eyes.


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