Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/4/01

By Naila

The town of Springfield celebrates the 4th of July. 

Cassie turns down an invitation to the Bauer barbecue in order to spend the day with Richard.  She dreams of the 4th of July 2003, where Richard is fully recovered and ready to return to their life and family.   

At the barbecue, Reva recalls the previous year when Richard returned safely from San Cristobel and into Cassie’s arms.   

Blake and Ross keep up the façade.  Ross receives an email from Tory who tells him that everything is set and all he needs to do is leave the house tomorrow with a very good alibi.  Blake gives news to Harley when she arrives. 

Beth tells Bill she needs him to help her fill in the gaps in her memory because she finds it difficult to live with all the unanswered questions.  Bill tells her to stop thinking about it all and move on with her life.   

Olivia shows up and seeks out Philip who thinks she’s hoping that Alan will show up and see them both together. 

Rick and Mel also dream about ‘the 4th‘ 2003… Rick seems himself singing Yankee Doodle Dandy while Mel, as the Statue of Liberty, stands at his side.  Michelle, Lizzie, Marina, Philip, Josh, Ross, Beth, Reva and Blake cheer them on.   

Olivia fantasizes that in a year, Philip becomes president and she is his first lady.   

Bill dreams that Lorelei. returns to spend the holiday with him next year. 

Harley, Gus and Frank spend the morning marching then they show up at the party. 

Beth asks Reva for advice on how she dealt with her amnesia.  Reva encourages her to find out sooner rather than later.  Beth informs Philip that she is going to Texas tonight because she needs to find answers.  Philip tries to get her to stay but she convinces him that this needs to happen now.  She says goodbye to Lizzie and leaves.  Bill watched her go.   

Reva and Josh think about all the lives that have been lost in the past year, and all the people who will spend the holiday without their loved ones.  Michelle overhears them and encourages everyone to voice their reasons on why they love their country.  Buzz remembers the policemen and the firemen who gave their lives on September 11th and Ed reads a passage. 

Later, the fireworks go off. 

The End