Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/3/02

By Sharon

As Mel and Rick prepare for the Bauer BBQ, Rick tells Mel that maybe him not getting the heart transplant yet worked out so they can be together for their first Bauer BBQ as husband and wife. Mel tells him that she doesn't necessarily think that him not getting a heart yet is a good thing. A distracted Michelle joins them outside and Rick asks her if anything is wrong. She says yes, there is.

At the Beacon, Cassie asks Danny if he is there because he has changed his mind about lending her the money. He says that he hasn't. A man working with Danny walks in and Cassie realizes that Danny is actually there to help Olivia with the repairs on the Beacon.

At the Spaulding mansion, Olivia recalls her kiss in the hot tub with Phillip. Someone begins to massage her shoulders, she realizes that it's Alan. He gives her a gift, a set of pearls that she immediately throws into the garbage.

Gus and Harley are at the police station and Harley tries to help Gus organize his desk. She grabs the pictures of "the mystery woman" and asks Gus who she is. Harley tells Gus that they shouldn't be keeping things from each other, he agrees. Harley leaves and Gus picks up the latest picture of "the mystery woman" and throws it into the garbage.

Back at the mansion, Olivia tells Alan that she doesn't want the pearls because she believes that he has an ulterior motive. He tells her that they are a peace offering but she is angry with him for offering Cassie cash to pay for her part of the repair bills for the Beacon. Alan replies that he offered Cassie the money to teach her a lesson for toying with him. Phillip storms in and reprimands Alan for getting in between his battle for Zach with Harley.

At the Beacon, Danny explains to Cassie that he is there to help Olivia with the repair deadline. She doesn't understand how he can help Olivia and continues to beg him to lend her the money. Danny reluctantly agrees to lend it to her but tells her not to make him regret it.

At the police station, Gus pulls "the mystery womans" picture out of the garbage and asks another cop, Brian to help him with the missing persons database. Brian gladly takes the picture and begins to investigate.

At Company, Alan and Monica are eating as Harley walks in. Harley tells Alan that he should fire Monica and threatens that he better back off. Blake arrives and tells Harley that she and Ross have started the plan to trap Tory without her. Reva walks in to get Blake and Harley and they quickly leave. Monica jokingly asks Alan if she is fired, he replies yes. He tells her that now she is working for Phillip.

At the mansion, Oliva apologizes to Phillip for telling Beth about their kiss. Phillip thanks Olivia again for getting rid of Loreli's diary. Phillip leaves to go see Rick while Olivia pulls out Loreli's diary and vows to settle the score with Alan.

Back at the Beacon, Reva, Blake and Harley surprise Cassie with an indoor picnic and some company to help take her mind off of Richard. Blake makes a toast to "girl power" and goes on about how they don't even need men in their lives. Blake looks at Cassie and realizes that she has put her foot in her mouth. Cassie sadly tells the woman that their plan to cheer her up is not working.

Outside at Danny and Michelle's, Michelle tells Rick that she believes that Danny has forgotten their Anniversary. Danny walks up and tells her that he hasn't forgotten and that he has a surprise for her. They leave so he can show her. Mel comes out and is talking to Rick when he gets very short on breath, she goes to get his Meds. Phillip arrives and he tells and Rick he is a good person for giving up the heart so someone else could live.

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Reva, Blake, and Harley that she needs them to treat her normally, as if nothing is going on. She goes on to tell them a story about how wonderful Richard has been to her and the kids.

Danny takes Michelle on a hot air balloon ride and they look at all the places down below that they have made memories. Michelle wants to stay up in the balloon longer but Danny tells her that they have to return it in an hour because someone has booked it after them. She tells him that they don't have to return it because she is the one who has it booked for the next hour.

At the station, Brian tells Gus that he didn't find "the mystery woman" in the missing persons database. Gus tells himself that he should leave it alone.

Back at Company, Monica gives Alan Gus' juvenile record and tells him the story about Gus, the young man who died, and the unnamed witness. Alan reminds her to say that she is working for Phillip.

At the mansion, Olivia makes a phone call to someone and tells them that she has a diary that she would like to get published.

The End

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