Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/2/01

By Sharon

Outside at Company Harley asks Gus why he is going into work on his day off, he tells her he needs to tie up some loose ends. Gus jokes with Harley that he needs a break since he has replaced his smoking with sex. Harley wants Gus to tell her that he loves her before she leaves. Gus tells her that he loves her more then anything. Harley goes into Company as Gus pulls out " the mystery womans" picture and looks at it.

Inside, Buzz points out to Harley that Cassie is sitting alone in the corner. Cassie tells Harley that the Doctor has said that Richard is not going to get better. She vents to Harley about the hospital bills, money problems, and wonders what she is going to tell the kids.

At the hospital, Reva and Josh discuss Richard's condition and Cassie's anger toward Reva. A stunned Edmond sits at Richard's bedside in disbelief that after wishing for so long to see him helpless and on his death bed, he doesn't want him to go. He yells at an unconcious Richard that he needs to keep fighting, who does he have to hate if he doesn't have him?

Back at Company, Cassie tells Harley that Richard is not going away, God wouldn't do that to them. Harley tries to talk to her, but she leaves because she doesn't want to hear it. Harley snaps at Buzz, bringing up about how men leave and people die and women are suppose to be so strong. Buzz thinks that deep down, Harley is afraid that Gus might leave her. She asks Buzz how he has gone on after losing Nadine and Jenna. He tells her that you may lose the person, but the love is still there.

At the police station Frank finds "the mystery womans" picture on Gus' desk and believes that she is part of a missing persons file. He begins to investigate, thinking he will be doing a favor for Gus by helping him with a case.

At the lake by the beach Lizzie, Tammy and Shayne are hanging out as Ben gets a call that he just lost one of his lifeguards for the summer. Shayne suggests that Ben calls Marina as a jealous Lizzie listens to him rant and rave about how wonderful Marina would be for the job. Ben calls Marina at Company to ask her if she wants to come down to and talk to him about the job. Marina entusiastically accepts and then tells Buzz that she may be taking another job for the summer. As Marina is leaving, Harley walks in and Marina points out the woman that Gus had been talking to the other day. Harley walks over to the woman and introduces herself as Gus' girlfriend.

Back at the hospital a hysterical Edmond begs Cassie to let him stay by Richards side. Cassie refuses, after everything Edmond has done, she wants to know how can he care so much about Richard now? Edmond tells her that he has always loved Richard despite everything that has happened. He breaks down and tells Richard that he's sorry and leaves. Cassie rejects Reva's comforting as Josh tries to reason with Cassie, explaining to her where he thinks Richard was coming from when he didn't tell her about his job. Reva tells Cassie that she can be mad at her, but she is not going anywhere, they share a sisterly hug.

Marina gets to the lake and Ben and Shayne tease her about testing for the lifeguard job. She confesses that she doesn't know how to swim.

At Company, Harley asks Monica how she knows Gus. Monica explains to her that she is a Private Investigator and she has been hired by Alan to keep tabs on Gus. Harley warns her to stay out of her way.

At the police station, Frank tells Gus that he has aged the photo of "the mystery woman" for him and asks Gus who she is. Gus tells Frank that he is not looking for her and that the picture must have just been in the pile. Harley walks in and asks Gus why he didn't tell her about Alan hiring Monica. He tells her that he didn't want to upset her and that they need to talk about him moving out.

At the lake, Marina and Shayne try to talk Ben into finding another job at the beach club for Marina.

Back at the hospital, Reva and Josh offer to help Cassie financially. Cassie lies and tells them that Richard still has insurance money coming from San Cristabel. Reva and Josh tell Cassie to get out of the hospital for a while, she says goodbye to Richard and tells him not to worry, she will figure out how to pay for everything.

At the station, Gus explains to Harley that he thinks it would be better for her situation if he moved out. She refuses and then notices "the mystery woman's" pictures on his desk.

Cassie stops in at the Beacon, finding it empty she tearfully remembers some moments with Richard.

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