Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/27/01

By Eva

At the hospital, Richard's violent convulsions continue as Cassie cries and begs Mel to do something or give him something for the pain. Mel says she can't give him anything for the pain because if she does his condition could get worse.

At the Bauer house, Rick asks nurse Tina to tell Mel to come home and that he loves her very much. Harley demands to know why Rick gave up his donor heart. Rick starts to explain the story again but Harley says she knows the story she wants to know the real reason. Rick admits that he still must be in denial abbot his condition because he doesn't think he will die.

At company, Gus tries everything he cannot to think about having a cigarette. Gus talks to Marina about her plans for the summer. Marina complains about being stuck inside working at company. Marina wishes she could get a summer job working outside. Marina tells Gus she thinks Ben Reed is hot. Gus investigates and flirts with a gorgeous new lady in town.

Meanwhile at the Marler house, Blake and Ross talk about how well their plan to catch Tory is going so far they both wait nervously for Tory to respond to Ross's online message. Blake tells Ross the story of how Tory killed her husband, an old high school boyfriend and a little girl in elementary school. Blake worries that if Tory discovers that Ross is trying to get her to tell the truth he could be her next victim.

Back at Company, Marina tries to make small talk with Ben. Ben ignores her in favor of his newspaper. Marina tells Ben she found out he is going to be manger of the Beacon hotel beach club. Marina asks him for a job as a waitress. Ben says that she is too young to be a waitressat the club because hotel policy is that they only hire college students. Marina doesn't give up she begs him for any other job life guard, or maybe working in the day care center. Ben gives her tip and tells her she is too young to work at the club. Gus finds out that the New lady in town is named Monica. Gus asks Monica why she is following him. Monica doesn't say a word and Gus says he knows who hired her. Gus leaves to go find Alan.

At the Bauer house, Rick wants to talk to Harley about the financial arrangements he has made for Jude in case something should happen to him. Rick tells Harley he has set up a trust fundator Jude and he has also provided some money for her. Harley interrupts him and promises to talk about it some other time. Harley tells Rick about Richard's accident and how it has made her appreciate her life. She refuses to dwell on the possibility that Rick could die. She chooses to believe that he will get a heart and be there to watch Jude grow up.

At the hospital, Richard's convulsions stop and Cassie sits beside her husbands bedside and quietly talks to him. Mel takes Reva outside the room and tells her what could happen to Richard. Mel says the best possible outcome he would come out of the coma be paralyzed and maybe have some brain damage. The worst possible outcome would be that he could stay in a coma for weeks or months and eventually die. Reva goes back into the hospital room and tries to talk to Cassie about Richard's condition but she refuses to listen and orders her to leave the room. Nurse Tina gives Mel Rick's message.

At the Spualding Mansion, Gus arrives to talk to Alan. Alan tells Gus he has an entire staff looking into his background because he is concerned about Zach. Gus says that he isn't doing this for Zach's sake at all but for his own. Gus tells Alan that he is committed to Harley and her kids and that he can be a dangerous man when he is crossed. Gus warns Alan not to cross him.

At the Bauer house, Mel arrives and Harley leaves so Mel and Rick could talk.

Rick asks Mel for another chance. Rick tells Mel he is sorry and that he should have talked to her before giving up the heart. Mel admits that the reason she was angry was because she is very scared that he could die. She forgives him and gets him to promise he will take the next heart that becomes available no matter what happens. Rick agrees and the two newlyweds kiss and make up.

At the hospital, Cassie talks to Richard and tells him about how Tammy is doing in school. Cassie tells her husband she isn't angry that he kept his job a a secret She says that she is very happy and proud that he found something he loves to do. Cassie says that if he comes out of the coma they can forget about the secret he kept from her and they never need to bring it up again. Cassie begs Richard to wake up or give her some sign that he can hear her. Richard doesn't move.

Tory searches the Sprinfield law Review personal ads on the computer and finds Ross's ad.

At the Marler house, Blake pleads with Ross to let Harley in on phase two of their plan because she is worried about Ross being totally alone with Tory. Ross says that it is too risky because if Tory discovers Harley she could tell the police that they were trying to entrap her. Blake and Ross know that the plan will work as long as they take it one step at a time. Ross gets Tory's email and responds to it by telling her to meet him at the Bauer cabin tomorrow. Ross leaves for the cabin to set up the recording equipment and test it before Tory gets there the next day. Ros agrees to call Blake when he gets to the Cabin and come back home later that night.

At the hospital, Reva talks to Richard as Cassie listens from the bathroom. Reva tells Richard that no matter how angry Cassie is at her she is not going anywhere because Cassie is her sister and she loves her.

At Company, Harley asks Marina where Gus is but Marina isn't listening because she is thinking about Ben. Gus arrives and Harley takes him outside and kisses him. She makes him promise to eat healthier and exercise more and keep his promise to stop smoking. Harley tells him that she couldn't handle it if anything happened to him because she loves him to much. Gus gets her to say that two more times before he finally says he loves her too. They Kiss a few more times.

At the Bauer cabin, Ross calls Blake he arrived safely and the recording equipment is all set up all he needs to do is test it. Blake again tells Ross to come home later tonight, Ross and Blake's conversation is interrupted when Ross hears a noise. Ross tells Blake to hold on the line while he goes to check on something. Ross puts the phone down and opens the door and finds Tory on the other side Blake hears Tory's voice over the phone and begins to panic.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Ms Parker arrives to ask Alan what her next assignment is. Alan says he wants a copy of Gus's Juvenile record.

At the hospital, Cassie lies in bed with Richard as Reva sits outside the hospital room and worries about her sister.

The End