Guiding Light Update Monday 6/24/01

By Naila

Cassie cannot understand why Reva and Richard would lie to her about his job.  Reva tries to make her understand that he wanted to surprise her.

Cassie wonders if Richard was embarrassed by his job but Reva says it wasn’t that.  He didn’t want Cassie to ever have to fight for money ever again and he truly did like his work.  Cassie thinks that if Reva had just told her the truth, Richard would be all right.  Reva tries to make her see that she was just trying to help her because she couldn’t when Cassie was growing up.  Cassie doesn’t know if she will be able to trust Reva ever again. 

Cassie talks to an unconscious Richard.  She tells him that she would have understood about thee job and that this fight would be bearable because she’d be fighting it with him.  He is all she ever wanted or needed.  She begs him to come back to her. 

Rick returns home tries to act like everything is fine.  Mel refuses to pretend that he didn’t throw their future away.  She tells him to tell Michelle (who still thinks Rick really had a fever) the truth.  Rick tries to make them understand that he couldn’t take Bobby’s father away from him.  Mel counters that Jude deserves to have his father around too.  Michelle is a lot more understanding that Mel. 

Rick tries to reassure Mel that everything will work out but she can’t forget that he didn’t even consider her when making this big decision.  She will not stand by and watch him throw away their future! 

Tory confronts Blake in the hopes of understanding why Blake is setting herself up for murder.  Blake says she knows that Tory is the one who set this whole thing up but Tory won’t let Blake confuse her.  Ross listens from the other room.

Tory theorizes that Ross is setting Blake up so he can get rid of her so that they can be together forever. Blake points out that if that were the case then Ross would have told Tory about his plans. 

When Blake threatens to call the cops, Tory bolts. Ross and Blake hope that she bought into their plan.   Ross is worried because now he and Blake are on their own… no cops to back them up.  He lets her know he placed an Ad, hoping that Tory will answer it.  Blake knows that the only way Tory will feel secure about her relationship with Ross is if she kills Blake.  Blake insists that they have no choice; they have to give Tory what she wants.   

Alan arrives at Harley’s house to find her and Gus arguing and the children upset.  Harley leaves to get Zach and Alan interrogates Gus about his ability to take care of the children.  Alan thinks that Harley lost some of her mothering abilities when she hooked up with Gus.  Gus is willing to take Alan’s insults but he won’t let him insult Harley; she is the reason that Zach is such a great boy… not Philip and not Alan.

When Harley returns Alan tells her he’s appalled by her arrangement with Gus and expects that she will change things back to the way they were.

After Alan leaves, Gus tries to make Harley sees just how wonderful she is.  She thanks him for being there for her then asks him if he’s going to leave.  Gus isn’t going anywhere.   He’s going to stay there and work on himself… to be a good influence on her little guys.  He promises to quit smoking.  They kiss and make up.   

Marina and Lizzie spend time with Tammy and try to keep her mind off Richard.  Marina shares some of her experiences with them but Tammy takes off to be with her family. 

Alan returns home e to find yet another Cooper with one of his grandchildren.  He interrupts Marina’s long distance phone call and she takes off.  Lizzie tries to defend her friendship with Marina to him. 

Alan asks Lizzie how she would like it if Zach came to live with them full-time.  She would love it but she doubts that Harley would ever move in.  Alan calls Philip and tells him it’s time they dealt with Gus. 


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