Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/20/01

By Eva

At the Spualding Mansion, Beth searches for Lorelei's diary. Philip offers to help in the search for the thing that she has lost. Beth tells Philip about the diary and explains that she wants to know how Lorelei was feeling. Philip expresses concern about Beth dwelling in her past. Philip urges Beth to concentrate on the future.

At infierno, Oliva reads Lorelei's diary until she is interrupted by Bill. Bill tells her the damage to the hotel will cost$150,000 and the insurance won't cover it so she and Cassie will have to pay the expenses.

At the hospital, DR.Pierce tells Ed that he will wait 5 more minutes for Rick and Mel but if Rick doesn't arrive he will have no choice but to give the heart to the back up recipient.

Tony sits outside in his car remembering how he almost raped Marah.

At the Lewis house, Marah sits in shock by the fireplace while Shayne tries to call Josh and Reva. The desk clerk tells him that they have not checked into their hotel yet. Shayne puts a blanket around his sister just as Josh arrives and begins to tell Shayne and Marah about Richard. Josh stops in Mid sentence when he notices Marah and wants to know what happened. Marah starts to cry and tells her Father that he was right about Tony. Mel uses a vi tac machine which she would use to start Rick's heart if it stops to start the car's dead battery. The trick works and the newlyweds speed off to the hospital.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip admits to Beth that he is concerned because he thinks if she starts to have memories of her past as Lorelei she might turn back into Lorelei again. Felicia arrives to cancel her appointment with Beth because she wants to be at the hospital with Rick and Mel. Philip shares his concerns with Felicia.

At infierno, Alan arrives to tell Olivia about Richard but before he can do so Bill starts telling Olivia the news. Olivia is shocked and her eyes well up with tears. Alan urges Olivia to take advantage of Cassie's vulnerable state. Olivia refuses to do so despite Alan's pressure.

At the Lewis house, Marah tells her father about Tony almost raping her. Marah begs her father not to call the police because she has learned her lesson and won't go near Tony again. Josh says he will take care of things. Josh tells Shayne to protect his sister and if anyone tries to get in the house to call 911.

At the Santos house. ray arrives and wants to know what is going on. Tony tells Ray that he almost raped Marah. Ray tells Tony "i swear if you hurt that girl you will have to answer to me."

At the hospital, The back up heart recipient's family waits to see if he will get the heart. Rick and Mel arrive just in time. Ed apologizes to the other family. The little boy who is the son of the other possible heart recipient asks Rick if he is the man who will get the heart that would have gone to his father. Rick says yes and the little boy says ok and walks away. Rick asks a nurse to bring him the chart of the other possible heart recipient. Ray urges Tony to get his anger under control. Ray wants to know why Tony was angry with Marah. Tony tells ray that Marah slept with Romeo. Ray sympathizes with his broth and tells him although what Marah did was wrong Tony doesn't know how hard it was for everyone while he was in jail. Ray urges his brother to try to see Marah's point of view and forgive her. Tony tells Ray that he can't forgive Marah because he hates her almost s much as he hates himself. Ray tells Tony that what he did was wrong and he urges him to try and forgive himself and Marah. Tony says that everyone in town was right about him. He is a Santos and he was raised to be bad. Tony decides to go back into the family business back to being bad because its all he knows how to do.

Meanwhile at the Spaulding Mansion, Bill arrives to pick up the insurance papers on the hotel. Beth gives him the papers and apologizes for not telling him that she was Lorelei. Beth asks Bill to tell her about Lorelei. Bill tells her how she used to play pool at a bar in Texas and how she told all the guys if they beat her in pool she would slow dance with them. Bill says nobody ever beat her but one day after a pool game she put some music in the jukebox and asked him for a slow dance

At the hospital, Rick hides the medical chart from Mel who goes to check if everything is ready for the transplant. Rick pretends to have a fever so the other heart recipient can get the heart.

At infierno, An angry Josh tells Tony that if he ever comes near Marah again he will kill him. After Josh leaves Tony cries and calls Marah's name and wonders why.

Meanwhile at the Leis house, Marah burns things Tony gave her in the fireplace.

At the hospital, Mel tells Rick that she begged Dr. Pierce to give Rick the heart but he refused. Rick tells Mel about the other Recipients recipient's son and tries to explain why he faked a fever so the other man could have the heart. Mel gets angry and can't understand why he would risk his life and his marriage for a man he doesn't know. Mel thinks he doesn't love her enough to want to stay alive. Mel cries and angrily stomps away.

I am not sure of the location of Tony and Ray's conversation or where Tony was when Josh came and talked to him so please check against the transcripts.

The End