Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/19/02

By Heather

Michelle tells Danny her feelings of being a Physician, how she doesnít know if she can stand watching other people in pain. Danny encourages her to continue her work. Carmen shows up and Michelle leaves for the hospital to see if there is news of a heart donor for Rick. Danny gives Carmen a warning and hints he may have done something to Edmund.

Mel and Rick, still at the cabin, try to have a normal day. They play cards, have breakfast together and Rick gives her a foot massage. Michelle calls Mel later and tells her that there is a heart donor up at the hospital. She calls Phillip to get a helicopter to take Rick but he canít risk sending it because of the storm. Mel goes to the car to take Rick herself but it wonít start and time is running out for Rick.

Blake is determined to smoke Tori out of hiding and lets her mother in on what they plan to stage. Ross and Blake argue and Harley shows up accusing Blake of having something to do with a fire in the basement where Blake was held. She denies it but Harley finds a rag covered in gas in her purse. She accompanies Harley, Ross and Holly down to the scene of the crime. Gus shows up and nearly spoils things for them. A set of fingerprints is taken and it is revealed that Toriís body was in the basement. Blake is arrested and sure enough, Tori comes to the docks and questions a officer who tells her that it is a murder scene, and the victim is Tori.

Josh and Reva comfort Cassie, but Reva feels responsible for the accident because she kept the secret about Richardís job. Josh tells her that it was an accident and could not have been prevented. Cassie doesnít plan on calling the kids until she knows Richardís condition. Cassie receives the diagnosis of Richardís condition, which is not good. He is paralyzed from the waist down. Cassie doesnít want to face facts but Reva adamantly tries to get her to face it. Michelle gives Cassie Richardís things and she goes through them finding a business card for the car dealer and she assumes itís where he planned to buy a car for her.

The End

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