Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/18/01

By Heather

Olivia hopes to cause problems for Beth and Phillip by inviting Bill Lewis over knowing that she knew him as Loreali. Alan, Philip, Beth, Bill and Olivia all have drinks and talk. Olivia slips in that she hopes Beth still likes pork rhines, and that it's wasn't just a Loreali thing. Beth privately talks to Philip hoping he's not upset that she didn't tell him that Bill knew her when she was Loreali. Phillip understands and then Beth apologizes to Bill for not telling him that she had a multiple personality problem after the trauma in Mexico. Bill assures her that all is forgiven.

Ed Bauer pressures Michelle about him leaving her and Danny's home. Michelle tells him she loves to have him home, but understands that it won't fix things with Danny. Ed tells Michelle about the "Red Moon", which is a folk-tale concerning angry gods, this foreshadows that something bad will happen in Springfield tonight... Michelle receives a call from the hospital because Memorial is in need of volunteers. Ed and Michelle gladly lend their help, and later Ed treats Richard, who is in bad shape.

Cassie remains at Richard's side begging for him to tell her what happened. The paramedics work to save Richard, keeping him alive and rush him to the hospital. Cassie clings to the promise Richard made her about nothing keeping him away from her tonight. Ed Bauer requests she signs some forms, and she is enlightened briefly on Richard's bad condition.

Tony Santos and Marah have it out in his office. He demands she tells him just how it was with Romeo and he gets violent with her. She questions his thinking her being a slut and offers herself removing most of her clothing. Tony refuses to have anything more to do with her and she retreats from his office reciting how she defended him to everyone, telling him that she was wrong about him, that he was exactly the kind of man they all thought he was. Tony then tells Marah that she's nothing like the woman he thought she was either.

Buzz less than subtly informs Ed Bauer that he and Holly are, "together" now. After Ed leaves Frank shows up and Buzz foreshadows that something bad will happen tonight. He contemplates leaving Holly so that she can be with Ed. Frank adamantly urges Buzz to fight for the woman he loves but Buzz explains that Ed and Holly have so much history and he doesn't think he can compete with it.

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