Guiding Light Update Monday 6/17/01

By Heather

Harley tells Gus that she doesn't need to know about his criminal record. Gus, however, informs her that she needs to know. He tells her that when he was 16 he tended to hang out with the wrong crowd and that this one night they were drunk on a roof. There was a disagreement and he defended himself by pushing the guy off the roof, and died. Harley tells him that she is sorry for what happened, but it's in the past, and that she can relate to making bad choices as a teen. She tells him that what is over is over and she's never been more closer to him. After a heart-felt embrace she gets called back to work but their conversation is not over. He stops her as she gets to the door and says he hasn't been fully honest with her. He tells her that it wasn't his fault but he took the wrap for someone else out of loyalty. She proposes that he clear his name but he refuses because if the true person's identity was ever revealed it would destroy that person's life. She understands and leaves for work. Soon after, Gus takes out a CD and looks a woman's picture kept inside it, saying, "I've kept our secret safe,".

Carmen enjoys making Marah worry about Tony and watches her flee in terror.

Romeo flaunts his one night stand with Marah to Tony. Tony shakes his head in disbelief. Romeo describes that night with Marah and how he walked in after it was done. Enraged Tony gets his hands on Romeo and begins to choke him but the jail guards remove him. Marah arrive too late to tell Tony the truth and confidently tells Romeo that Tony will forgive her. Tony goes back to Inferno angry and confused, then Marah shows up and he finally asks her to tell him the what happened. And she does.

Marina tells Tammy and Lizzy that men are not trustworthy. Lizzy excitedly asks Shane for a ride, a possible romance blooming? Later we see Shane staring at Lizzy in a sensual way... Marina also apologizes to Lizzy for getting her involved in the mess with Aituro.

Cassie offers aid to one of the police men while still in her car but he declines. She then calls Richard on her cell phone telling him she'll be late for their rendezvous. Cassie sits remembering her wedding to Richard while waiting. Later she takes up the blankets adamant about helping, but Harley is on the scene now and quickly pushes her into a police unit. She trembles hearing Harley tell her to stay inside. Cassie flees the and pushes her way through crying out for Richard. He is stuck in the car and begs for him to say something.


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