Guiding Light Update Friday 6/14/02

By Eva

At Infierno, Marah invites Tony to lunch with her aunt Cassie but Tony says no because he and Ray are going to Catalina's grave to say good-bye to her.

Carman visits Romeo in jail to pressure him to tell Tony the truth about Marah. Carman tells him that he could get out of jail sooner if he sticks to their deal. Romeo refuses to do it unless Carman gives him money to build a nest egg for when he gets out of jail. Romeo tells Carman to think about it because she needs him. When Romeo leaves to sign papers for his jail transfer Carman says "I don't need you as much as you think."

At the Marler house, Harley meets with Ross while Blake isn't home. Ross tells Harley he thinks Tory didn't commit suicide but was murdered by Blake.

In a hotel Room at Towers, Josh reads a portion of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 to Reva to reassure her that love never ends. They make love again.

Meanwhile at Infierno, Tony tells Marah that he feels badly that he got so angry at Catalina before she died. Tony says he feels responsible for Catalina's death because her love for him turned her into a liar. Tony says that Catalina probably would not have died if she had just been honest and told him the truth. Marah starts to tell Tony the truth but she is interrupted by Ray. Marah tells Tony to go and say good-bye to Catalina and they agree to meet later at Company.

At the Marler house, Ross is racked with Guilt because he thinks Blake murdered Tory. Harley refuses to believe that Blake is a murderer. Harley urges Ross to believe in his wife. Harley says "I don't believe for one-second that she killed Tory." Blake comes out from her hiding place and tells Harley that this was a set up so that she and Ross could know if Harley would be an ail in their war against Tory. Blake tells Harley they can't win the war without her help. Blake tells Harley what Tory did to her. Harley is worried that Ross and Blake's plan is too risky. Harley says she can't help them. Ross says they are going through with the plan with or without her help. Harley reluctantly agrees to help if she can tell the police chief the plan but if he says no it means no.

At Catalina's grave, Tony tearfully tells Catalina how sorry he is that things didn't work out between them and he couldn't be the person she wanted him to be. Tony says he wishes he could do something to make it up to her. Ray suggests he forgive Catalina. Tony blames himself for what happened to Catalina because her love for him changed her in a bad way.

At Infierno, Marah talks to Cassie. Cassie urges her to tell Tony what is bothering her because it is eating her up inside. Marah tells Cassie she slept with Romeo. Cassie tells Marah she made a mistake. Marah expresses regret about throwing away her first time and she fears she may have thrown away her chance with Tony too. Cassie tells her that just because she made a bad mistake doesn't mean she doesn't deserve happiness or a chance at love. Cassie urges Marah to tell Tony the truth because she deserves to find out if Tony can forgive her. Marah leaves to find Tony just as Josh and Reva arrive.

Carman arrives at Catalina's grave and wants to talk to Tony alone. Carman tells him that Romeo is ready to talk to the police about the Santos family in exchange for Santos family secrets. Tony leaves to talk to Romeo.

At Infierno, Josh and Reva thank Cassie for all she has done and for taking care of Marah while they are gone on their honeymoon. Cassie says she and Richard are planning a second honeymoon at the beacon hotel tonight. Reva tells her to go ahead and go since she will have to drive slowly because of the heavy rain. When Cassie leaves Reva tells Josh about Richard's job and how he is going to tell Cassie the truth tonight.

Carman sends a thug to jail to persuade Romeo. When the thug leaves Tony arrives and wants to talk to Romeo.

Cassie waits in the purring rain behind a long line of cars. A cop tells her that there has been a bad car accident and traffic will be tied up for a while.

At the Marler house, Harley returns with the news that the chief has agreed to their plan as long as they are very careful. Ross and Blake get ready to turn up the heat on Tory.

Marah arrives at Catalina's grave. Carman says that Tony is talking to Romeo and Romeo just might tell Tony something Marah doesn't want him to know.

At the jail, Romeo tells Tony he slept with Marah. Tony lunges for Romeo. Romeo says Marah practically begged him to sleep with her. A stunned Tony is speechless.


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