Guiding Light Update Monday 6/10/01

By Naila

Alan hopes for a romantic evening with Olivia but comes in second to Josh and Reva’s wedding.  Olivia demands that Alan respect her privacy, as she does.

At the Beacon, Reva and Josh tie the knot for the third – and final – time in front of their family and friends in a beautiful and unorthodox ceremony. 

During the reception, Frank finally apologizes to Gus who is glad that Frank has ‘finally seen the light’. 

Vanessa catches up with Mindy and Dylan but Cassie interrupts them. There is still a lot of tension between her and Vanessa.  Vanessa tells Ross that Dinah is doing well. 

Blake sees Tory dressed as a waitress but Ross doesn’t.  He is sure that Blake is telling him the truth and tells her that they need to start taking control of this situation. 

Beth sees Olivia and tries to get her to leave peacefully but Olivia is staying put.  Later, while congratulating the bride and groom, Olivia is given the boot by Cassie.  She calls Edmund and gives him the green light. 

Bill takes Beth onto the dance floor and shows her a good time.  He marvels at how much she resembles a redhead he knew in Texas – Lorelei. 

Marah introduces Tony to her family – Hawk, Rusty, Trish, Dylan, and Mindy. 

Frank and Mindy share a dance.

As the newlyweds begin their first dance the lights go out. 


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