Guiding Light Update Friday 6/7/02

By Shauna

Josh and Reva make plans to spend a romantic day together before the wedding. They are both blissfully happy. Mindy unrepentantly arrives but everyone is thrilled to see her. The women in Reva's family take her aside to give her wedding advice. While the women are counseling Reva Josh returns to the wedding suite and finds Dylan there. They are happy to see each other again. Billy, Bill, Dylan, Shayne, and Richard give Josh tips on how to make sure this is his last marriage.

Ed stops by to see Rick. Rick wants to know why he hasn't heard any stories about Ed's time in Africa. Ed explains that he had malaria and couldn't very well call when he was at death's door. Rick listens to the story but has a look of disbelief on his face. He can't quite buy it. Mel interrupts before Rick can confront Ed. Rick says he isn't feeling well and that a couple of days at the Baur cabin would make him feel better. Mel says the can't go. Then Phillip and Beth arrive and they have brought Mindy to see Rick. The Four Musketeers catch up and talk about the good old days. Rick still wants to get away and go to the Baur cabin. Mel finally gives in and agrees to a honeymoon at the cabin.

Ed introduces himself to Carmen and thinks they should get to know each other since they are family. He hints that he knows what the Santo's family is about and that Carmen should end her problems with Michelle.

Olivia and Edmund plot to ruin Josh and Reva's wedding. Olivia wants to get total control of The Beacon and oust Cassie as a partner.


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