Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/4/01

By Shauna

Reva and Josh arrive at the Beacon. They are pleasantly surprised by how great it looks. Billy shows up and teases Reva and Josh about this wedding, which is their third. Cassie and Richard are next to arrive and Reva wants to talk specifics with Cassie. They go outside. Reva is very happy when Cassie tells her that everything is taken care of. She compliments her little sister and gives her a hug.

Cassie and Richard relax together and he gives her a foot rub. They talk about how great their kids are doing. Richard asks Cassie how she slept and she tries to cover up that she had a nightmare but he knows better. She describes her nightmare and then changes the subject. Cassie and Richard arrive at the Beacon and Reva wants to talk specifics with Cassie. They go outside. Reva is very happy when Cassie tells her that everything is taken care of. She compliments her little sister and gives her a hug.

Cassie and Reva walk in and the men are talking. They try to bumble through covering but they don't do it well. A man needs Reva and Josh to pretend they are getting married so he can test the lighting. Reva says no, it is bad luck. Richard offers to stand in for them with Cassie. Billy jokingly offers to be the preacher. Richard gives a moving speech about how much he loves Cassie and puts her wedding ring back on her finger. Cassie says she always dreamed a prince would ride up on a white horse and take her away from everything bad and lonely. She tells Richard that he makes her whole and he is her prince. Billy pronounces them man and wife and Cassie and Richard kiss. All the workers have stopped and clap.

Ross goes into the room where Tory held Blake hostage. He walks around touching the dusty walls and then grabs a spider web. He wonders where the spider is.

At Inferno Blake is meeting with the man who is going to build her panic room. Blake wants the whole deal. Everything the man has to offer. Just as the man is leaving Ross arrives and wants to know what Blake is doing. Blake lies and says she is having the kitchen remodeled. The man gives Ross the proposal for the panic room and he wants to know what it is. Ross says he believes that Tory did hold Blake hostage. Blake is at a loss for words and then gets hostile with Ross. Blake is angry with Ross for taking so long to believe her. Blake stops her from talking and says he believes everything she has said. Ross shows Blake the spider web he found and says he had it tested. It's not a real web. Blake is in tears as she realizes that Ross really does finally believe her. Ross apologizes for doubting her and that she has his trust unconditionally.

Gus looks over the pictures from Rick's wedding and Harley comes in. Harley checks her answering machine and it's Phillip. He tells her not to pick up Zack. Harley is angry and calls Phillip. Marina overhears Phillip talking to Harley on the telephone. Phillip is adamant that he will not let Zack live under the same roof as Gus who he believes is a child molester. Phillip threatens to sue for custody of Zack unless Gus moves out of Harleys home. Harley is very angry. Lizzie arrives and is ready to go for a swim with Marina but Marina is distracted.

Harley is very upset and rambling. Gus tries to calm her down. Harley doesn't understand why Phillip wont give her back her son. Buzz and Frank arrive and want to know what is going on. Frank figures out that the reason Phillip wont give Harley her son is Gus. Frank orders Gus to pack his bags and get out. Frank moves towards Gus and Harley gets between them. Frank yells that Gus is the problem but Harley yells back that she is not giving up Gus or Zack. Marina shows up while everyone is shouting and tries to make her presence known. She ends up screaming that they need to listen to her. She tells everyone that she was trying to save Harley from Gus so she snuck into his room. She admits that she has been lying this whole time. Marina says she has to make things right and leaves Lizzie standing alone wondering what she is talking about. Marina explains how she set Gus up. The adults are all in shock by what Marina did. Gus sticks up for Marina and says he can relate to her reasons. Gus says Marina messed up and did something stupid but it took a lot of courage to admit it. Marina apologizes. Frank apologizes to Harley and gives her a hug. He then apologizes and hugs Marina. Marina asks that Frank not send her back to California. Frank assures her that he wont and that Springfield is her home.

Beth puts her arms around Phillip and says he will do what is best for everyone that she has great faith in him. Lizzie walks in while they are kissing. She brought down a box that belonged to Lorelei and wants to know if this brings back memories for Beth. Beth is upset at the site of the box and flustered. She assures Lizzie that it does not bring any memories back for her nor does she wish for the memories to return. When Beth is alone with Lorelei's belongings she pulls out a diary. She is torn between wanting to read it and believing she shouldn't. She finally picks it up and starts reading. She is shocked by what she reads. Beth continues reading with a total look of shock on her face. She sees herself as Lorelei and a man touching her face. Lizzie calls her and she hides the diary.

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