Guiding Light Update Monday 6/3/01

By Shauna

Marah and Romeo are talking to Tony in jail. Romeo confesses to murdering Catalina. Tony wants to know why Romeo is suddenly confessing. Carmen arrives and Tony is sure that she is the reason Romeo is confessing. The DA arrives and Romeo begins giving his confession. He say she killed Catalina. He hit her over the head. He killed her because she was poison to the Santos family. That Catalina threatened to go to the FBI. Romeo says no one ordered him to kill Catalina and that no one else had anything to do with it. Tony is innocent. He let Tony take the blame for it because he was scared. Romeo is sure the truth would have come out eventually because Marah was on to him. Romeo says he gave Marah the medal that had belonged to Catalina as a way of saying thank you. The charges against Tony are dropped and he is free to go. Carmen is not happy that Romeo did not spill about sleeping with Marah.

Ed Baur shows up at Rick and Mels wedding. Ed says if it weren't for Danny he would still be in another country. Ed introduces himself to Mel. Ed says hello to Mel's family and Phillip. The wedding continues and Mel and Rick are pronounced husband and wife. Rick's heart monitor goes off but he is ok. Everyone congratulates the newlyweds. Phillip and Harley put a just married sign on the back of Ricks wheelchair. Rick thanks Danny for bringing their father to them. Rick then makes a speech. He says that his heart has never been more full and that he is the luckiest man on the planet. He thanks everyone for being at his wedding. Ed asks how Rick is doing and suggusts he get some rest. Phillip and Mel agree. Mel sits on Ricks lap and Phillip rolls them out of the wedding. Mel tosses the wedding bouqet and both Harley and Beth catch it. Phillip takes Rick and Mel to a hospital room which is decorated and turns out to be their honeymoon suite.

Holly welcomes Ed home and asks how he has been. He assures her he hasn't been drinking. She asks him where he has been but he just says it is a long story.

Ed arrives at the Baur home. Michelle asks Ed where he has been. Ed dances around the question. Ed says he doesn't know if he can put his reasons into words. Ed says he left Springfield to try to hold on to his sobriety and sanity. He ended up in a place where insanity is normal. He stayed there because he thought he could help the people there. Michelle says she has someone she would like Ed to meet. Michelle brings out Robbie for Ed to meet.

Phillip and Beth discuss marriage and love. Olivia calls Phillip with something she found out about Gus.


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