Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/30/01

By Eva

At Reva's house, Cassie has a scary dream about a lion coming towards her. Meanwhile at the hospital, Reva visits Rick and explains to him that she won't be able to come to his wedding because she wants to spend some time with Marah. Reva brings Rick some nonalcoholic beer and extra low fat sandwiches. She also gives Rick a very special wedding present, a Bible that H.B. had given her. Reva also tells Rick that she spoke to Abby and Abby said she was praying for him. Abby also expressed frustration that there was nothing she could do for him. Abby also sent congratulations on his wedding.

At the Bauer house, A worried Michelle leaves Danny a message to call with any news about her father. Mel arrives and Michelle is surprised she isn't wearing a wedding dress. Mel says that with all that is going on the most important thing is to marry Rick not what she wears to the wedding. Michelle tells Mel that she is the first woman to ever love Rick completely and she could not be happier to have her as part of the family. Michelle gives Mel a beautiful wedding dress once worn by Grandma Bert Bauer.

At the Spading mansion, Philip plays with Zach. Beth arrives and Philip shares his concerns with her that Zach is beginning to realize that his father isn't always there for him all the time. Philip says that he is considering not bringing Zack back to Harley's house. Philip says "I won't take Zach back to Harley's house as long as Gus Ituro is living in it."

At Harley's house, Gus and Harley get ready to go to Rick's wedding. Harley urges Gus to tell her what is in his juvenile records. Gus says that is his own private business and refuses to talk about the subject anymore. Harley wonders where their relationship is going if he is keeping secrets from her.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth asks Philip if he is considering seeking custody of Zach. Philip says that he isn't sure yet but he does know one thing "I don't want Gus Ituro anywhere near my son." Beth urges Philip to think carefully before he decides to take a little boy away from his mother. After Beth leaves Philip makes a phone call to find out if Gus's records have been opened yet. Olivia interrupts his phone call and offers to help if Philip will help her in return. Olivia tells Philip that she has a friend at the hall of records that could get Gus's file unsealed in exchange for a 20 minute meeting with Spaulding's top contract lawyer to help her find a loophole in her partnership papers with Cassie. Philip reluctantly agrees to the deal for his son's sake.

At Reva's house, Cassie tells Richard about her scary dream that a lion is coming towards her wherever she goes. Cassie feels that the lion is waiting for something. Richard says he will protect her from whatever scares her and they make love.

At Harley's house, Harley continues to urge Gus to tell her about his juvenile record. Harley says that she trusts him copletely and the only reason she wants to know about his record is so she can fight for their relationship. Gus refuses to talk about his past.

At the hospital, Lilian arrives with a very special wedding gift for Rick. Rick is almost at the top of the list for a donor heart and could get a heart soon. Rick calls Mel to tell her the news everyone gathered at the Bauer house is filled with joy.

At Reva's house, Richard tells Reva how much he is enjoying his new job. Reva urges Richard to tell Cassie the truth about his job and their financial situation. Richard says he will tell Cassie the truth as soon as his big sale of a fleet of cars is final next week. Cassie arrives and Reva covers for Richard again.

At the hospital, Michelle helps Rick get ready for his wedding.

At Reva's house, Cassie and Reva talk about Rick and Marah and how much their situations help you appreciate the people that you love. Cassie tells Reva how much she loves Richard and how much peace he has brought into her life. Olivia arrives to talk about Josh and Reva's wedding.

At the Hospital, Beth and Philip and Gus and Harley arrive for Rick's wedding. Gus offers to take care of the kids during Rick's wedding. Philip refuses the offer. Philip and Gus begin to argue but Philip decides to table the discussion for later because he doesn't want to ruin Rick's day.

At Reva's house, Olivia arrives with liability insurance papers for cassie to sign. Cassie says that she will look them over and give them back to her later. Olivia says that if she doesn't sign them now Reva and Josh can't get married at the hotel. Cassie signs the papers without reading them. Outside the house, Olivia holds the papers and smiles.

At the hospital, Rick tells Philip that he has everything he has ever wanted in his life. The wedding march begins and Michelle and Mel walk down the aisle.

The End