Guiding Light Update Friday 5/24/02

By Patricia

Blake is sitting on the ferry docks contemplating what her next move should be. She starts having flashbacks to Tory telling her that no one will believe her. She say they will believe that Blake held her captive. A man, looking for a place to fish, stops and looks at Blake. She asks him what he's looking at and he moves on down the docks.

Meanwhile, Ross is at the police station. He wants to file a missing persons report because Blake has been gone for over 48 hours. Holly comes in and asks Ross what's going on. He tells her about Blake. Holly is stunned. She can't believe that Blake is missing again. Ross asks her when was the last time she saw Blake. Holly tells him that she and Blake attended Mel and Rick's engagement party. She tells him that she then spent the night with Blake since he was in New York on business. Harley finds out that Ross is there and tells him he doesn't need to file a missing person's report because they are treating Blake as a fugitive from justice. Ross and Holly look stunned.

Back at the hospital, a nurse wheels Rick out into the hospital courtyard for some fresh air. The nurse is concerned that he is too weak for this outing. Rick assures her that he is all right. Rick's first visitor of the day is none other than GUS! He has brought Rick a present!

Edmund and Carmen meet at Company. He is upset with her because she didn't meet him the previous night. Carmen asks him if he's jealous. He's admits that he might be. She tells him that she is glad. Their talk turns to Ed Bauer. Edmund tells her that he has found Ed. He is alive but Danny can't bring him back alone. He is going to need Carmen and her money. He then tells Carmen that she is obsessed with her son and needs to tread lightly were he is concerned. Carmen tells Edmund that Danny might think that he is in control but she has his heart so she is the one in control.

Michelle is in the Bauer kitchen. Danny walks in and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she has been doing some Internet research to try to find her dad. Danny tells her that she doesn't have to hide this from him. She agrees then tells him that she really wants to find her dad so that he can help Rick. She then says that she feels like a baby wanting her daddy to come and help. Robbie starts crying and Michelle says that he needs his breakfast. She goes upstairs to get him. Mel arrives to take Michelle to class. Danny invites her in and then asks her what Rick's chances are. Mel looks stricken and Danny apologizes. Mel says that's OK and then tells Danny that Rick has a good shot if they can find a heart for a transplant. Michelle returns to the kitchen and Danny talks her into taking the day off and just relaxing. Carmen and Edmund arrive to talk to Danny. Michelle gets mad that Carmen is there and decides to go to class. She and Mel leave. Carmen asks Danny why he is keeping this a secret from Michelle. He replies that he doesn't want to get her hopes up if he can't find Ed.

Rick is still staring at the present that Gus has given him. Gus tells him to open it. Rick states that if this box explodes in his face he will get Gus. Rick then makes fun of Gus' wrapping skills and Gus tells him that it took him a long time to wrap that thing. As Rick is opening the present Gus tells him that he knows that they are not friends but he cares about Harley and she cares about Rick so in a round about way Gus cares for Rick. Rick gets the present open and it's a BOWLING BALL! Gus tells Rick that it's for when he gets out of the hospital and he will get out of the hospital because Harley needs him to.

Blake follows the fisherman and asks him for a quarter so she can make a phone call. He looks at her like she's crazy and ignores her. She yells at him that she really needs to make a call. She then tells him to give her a quarter and his address and she'll pay him back. He gives her the quarter then gets his things and leaves. Blake goes to the payphone on the docks and calls Ross' cell phone. He is still at the police station. He asks her where she's been. She tells him to meet her at the ferry docks and she will explain everything to him. He agrees and then hangs up. He tells Harley and Holly that he has an emergency with a client. They are shocked that he is going to leave to attend to a client when Blake is missing. He tells them that it is very important.

Back at the Bauers, Edmund is telling Danny about finding Ed. He tells Danny that Ed was kidnapped by revolutionaries in Africa. They needed him for his doctoring skills. They are willing to release him but the price is very high. Danny accuses Edmund of inflating the ransom price in order to get a cut of the money. Carmen tell Danny that Edmund wouldn't do that. She then tells him that she knows that Danny doesn't have the kind of money that is needed but she does!

Rick and Gus are still discussing the bowling ball. Gus tells him that when he gets out, he challenges him to a bowling contest. Rick tells him that he can bowl circles around him anytime, even now. Gus says that doesn't do revenge invalids! They continue to banter back and forth then Gus tells Rick that he wants him to know that he will hold down the fort while Rick is getting better. He says that he knows that no one can take the place of Jude's real father but he will "pinch-hit" for Rick until he's back on his feet. Rick looks like he's impressed and grateful. Mel arrives and ask them if she interrupted something. Gus says no and that it's time for him to leave. Mel asks Rick what that was all about and Rick says that Gus is a strange man. Mel then tells him that she wants to talk about their future.

When Ross arrives at the docks he and Blake hug. He tells her that he wants an explanation to what's going on. He then tells her that Harley and the police are saying she is involved in Tory's death and they're treating her as a fugitive. Blake tells Ross that Tory is alive. Ross looks absolutely stunned!

Gus goes to the police station to try to get his paycheck. The cop on duty is giving him trouble. Gus is starting to lose his cool and Harley comes in to settle him down. Harley tells him he needs to be calm. She is already in over her head with work because he is off duty. Gus says that he didn't ask for this "vacation" and he needs to work. She says that she will take care of this mess with Marina. She wants him to unofficially help her with the Blake situation. She then tells him that Blake is missing again.

Back at the docks, Blake fills Ross in on the whole story of what really happened with her and Tory. She tells him that it was Tory that was with him in Chicago. Ross is shocked by Blakes story. He asks her why in the world didn't she go straight to the police and tell them the first time she got away. Blake states that she was afraid that Tory would get out on parole and still come after them. She then tells Ross that something "snapped" inside her and she wanted to do to Tory what she had done to her. Blake then tells Ross to follow her and she will take him to where Tory is.

Rick tells Mel that he is tired and needs to go back to his room. Mel tells him that he needs to quit avoiding the truth. They need to discuss their future together. She says that she doesn't want to live her life in fear. She wants them to get married. Rick tells her no.

Michelle is at company taking a break between her classes. Holly comes in. The two women discuss Ed. Michelle says that she misses her dad and wants him to come home and make Rick well. But, she's afraid that he has changed too much. Holly tells her that she is sorry that she couldn't find Ed for her. Michelle understands but then tells Holly that she knows Holly stills has feelings for Ed and that she misses him too. Holly admits that she does but that was a long time ago. Michelle leaves to go back to class and Holly reminisces about her and Ed.

Danny asks Carmen why she wants to help him find Michelle's dad. Carmen says that he's her son and she's willing to give him the money with no strings attached.

Mels tells Rick that he doesn't mean it when he says that he won't marry her. She says that he has some crazy noble idea. Rick tells her that he will not leave her a widow. Mel says that she needs Rick and she doesn't want to marry him because he's sick. She cannot stand the idea of not being his wife and she will never forgive him if he denies her this. Michelle walks up and realizes that she is interrupting something. Rick tells her that she has good timing. He then asks her how she would like to be a bridesmaid.

Carmen is still trying to talk Danny into accepting her help. He refuses, saying that he has his own ways to bring Ed back. He then opens the door for Carmen and Edmund to leave. Outside, Edmund tells Carmen that he told her to go easier with her son. Carmen becomes angry and tell him that Danny has scruples, unlike him. Edmund pulls Carmen to him and tells her that it was his lack of scruples that found Ed. Carmen calms down and tells Edmund that sometimes she forgets who she's talking to. Edmunds replies that she should keep that in mind and they kiss. Meanwhile, Danny calls Olivia for help.

Back at the ferry docks, Blake takes Ross down to where Tory is. When they arrive, there is no trace of anything! Tory is gone, the cell with the bars is gone.....everything is GONE!!.......THE END

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