Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/23/01

By Patricia

Phillips is in the attic going through some old things from high school. He is looking through a yearbook when Beth walks in. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her that he is looking for some things for the kids. Beth replies that she thinks Zack and James are too little for the items. She is trying to get Phillip to open up to her about Rick's illness. He finally confesses that he is upset and doesn't know what to do for his best friend. Beth tells him that she will not allow him to give up hope.

Mel wheels Rick outside to the hospital's courtyard. He's not feeling well so she asks him if he wants to go back inside. He refuses, saying that he must have overdid it earlier because he hurts all over. Rick then tells her about him and Michelle discussing their missing father today. He says that he would like to ask his dad some why did he leave and never contact them, even when Michelle was on trial or his grandchildren were born.

He then states that Michelle misses their dad. Mel tells him that she thinks that he misses his dad, too. Rick agrees. He then states that he knows he should be mad at his dad but he's not. Mel retorts that she doesn't know Ed, but she is certainly mad at him. How could he leave such wonderful kids as the Bauers. Rick tells her that if she knew his dad she would like him.

As Mel and Rick continue talking, Lizzie arrives to visit her "Uncle" Rick. She has brought him a present but she tells him not to laugh. She then hands Rick a gift bag. He agrees not to laugh and opens up the bag. It's her white stuffed horse. Rick is stunned. Lizzie tells Rick that Edmund gave that to her two years ago when she was sick with leukemia.

At Company, Harley tries to get Marina to open up to her about what happened with Gus. Marina asks Harley if she's there as a cop or as her Aunt Harley. She then tries to leave. Buzz stops her and says that they just can't overlook what happened, they have to talk about this. Marina looks at Harley and tells her that she doesn't understand why she wants to keep rehashing this situation unless it's to compare notes about Gus! Buzz looks shocked but Harley tells him to let her handle it. Marina sits down in a booth and Harley joins her. Harley then asks Marina who would have called her and told her to get to Gus' room. Whoever it was knew that she would find her niece with her boyfriend. Just exactly who would want Harley to know about this? Marina looks trapped.

Back at the police station, Gus wants to talk to the chief. The uniform cops on duty are very rude to him and make some off-color remarks to him. Frank comes in and tells Gus to leave. Gus tells Frank that he is sorry that all this has happened but his daughter has problems. He then says that Marina has been trouble since she came home from California. Frank yells at Gus that he better back off and leave. He then informs Gus that he is in the process of finding out all about him.

In the carousel barn, Romeo still has Marah by the hair. Tony is yelling at him to let her go, that their problems are between them and doesn't have anything to do with Marah. Romeo yells at Tony that he doesn't take orders from him anymore. Marah screams that Romeo is the killer, that he admitted it to her. Tony asks him why he killed Catalina. He knows she didn't deserve it. Romeo says he did it for Tony. Tony is stunned. He tells Romeo that he never told Romeo to kill Cat. Romeo says that he knew that Tony wanted out of his marriage to Catalina because she had tricked him with a false pregnancy so it was up to him to figure out how to get Tony out of the mess. Tony tells Romeo that he never would have wanted her killed for that. Romeo yells that Cat was threatening the family. She was going to reveal their secrets and that Tony's grandmother, Maria, was even willing to pay someone to have her killed.

Gus tells Frank that he needs to look at this situation like a detective would. Frank tells him to leave again. Gus states that he wants to talk to the chief. All the uniform cops circle him. Gus pushes them out of his way and leaves.

Meanwhile, Harley and Marina are still talking. Harley tells Marina that she doesn't believe her. She knows that Gus would never do this. Marina asks her why because he is handsome? She then tells Harley that she has known men who are handsome on the outside but ugly on the inside. Just like her mom's boyfriend was. Harley asks Marina if her mom's boyfriend hurt her. Marina says no he just hurt her Mom and all her Mom got out of it was losing Frank and her. Then she asks Harley what is she going to lose over her relationship with Gus. Harley tells Marina that she knows her heart is in the right place but that she can't take her hurt about her Mom and dad out on her and Gus. Harley then tells Marina the she will ruin Gus' career with this. Marina gets mad and tells Harley that she is choosing her "hot date" over her family. Marina then storms out of the restaurant. Harley asks Buzz how he and Frank knew to come looking for Marina at Gus' room. Buzz informs her that Lizzie told them. Harley immediately suspects that the two girls where in on this together so she calls Phillip. She leaves him a message to call her as soon as he can.

Outside of Company, Marina calls Lizzie. She gets her answering machine. She leaves Lizzie a message telling her to avoid her Aunt Harley if she comes around snooping. Marina ends her message by telling Lizzie that she knows why. As she hangs up, Gus comes up the walk. Marina and Gus stop and stare at each other. Marina looks very uncomfortable and very quilty.

Back at the attic, Phillip and Beth are discussing their friendship with Rick while they look at the pictures in their yearbook. Phillip gets upset and tells Beth that he tried to buy Rick a heart and it turns out that you can't buy a heart. He yells that he has all this money and he can't use it to help his best friend. Beth tells him that he can do other things for Rick. She then tells him to go see Rick and laugh at Rick's jokes. Phillip tells Beth that isn't enough. Beth replies that it would mean everything.

Back at the hospital, Lizzie tells Rick that she is too old to believe in fairy tales and to play with stuffed animals. She says that it doesn't matter if the horse really works, you just need to believe. She then tells Rick that he told her this when she was sick. She wants him to believe that he will get better. Rick is near tears as he thanks Lizzie for the gift and tells her that he will believe. Lizzie leaves.

Tony is still trying to get Romeo to let Marah go. He says he will be Romeo's hostage so that he can get out of town. Marah yells at Tony that Romeo will kill him as soon as they get out of Springfield. Romeo tells Marah that Tony knows that.

Phillip and Beth decide to take all the old things from high school over to Rick. Beth says that her Mom, Lillian, always says that it is good for a patient to be surrounded by their things. Beth says that they can make fun of each others hair in the yearbook. As they are leaving the attic, Beth spots a box with some of Lorelei's things in it. On top of the box is a diary that she wrote while she was Lorelei. She asks Phillips why he kept her things. He says because he thought that she might like to get to know who Lorelei was. Beth looks uncomfortable but agrees that she might, but not right now.

Gus confronts Marina about what happened. He tells her that he is sorry if she misunderstood the conversation that they had about chemistry but he was talking about her Aunt Harley. He tells her that he knows that she wants to get out of this lie. He then says that he has lied a lot in his life but his love of Harley has made him want to do better and live a better life. Buzz walk outside and catches them together. He looks upset but not hostile. He tells them that he wants this all to be cleared up. Buzz is acting like he doesn't quite believe his granddaughter. Marina storms back into the restaurant. Harley is on the porch, listening to everyone. Buzz follows Marina into Company. Gus says he doesn't need this and starts to leave. Harley stops him. She then tells Gus that she believes him and she knows he didn't do it.

Mel is telling Rick that he is so lucky because so many people love him. Rick jokingly tells Mel that all his crazy friends are hers now, for better or worse. Just then, Phillip and Beth walk up. They hand him the box of items from high school. Rick laughs and starts pulling things out of it to look at. Phillip says that they thought he should have these items. Rick looks upset for a minute. Phillip apologizes and says that it was a bad idea and he'll take the things back. Beth starts to apologize and explain but Rick cheers up and decides to look at the yearbook. He then starts making fun of all their hairstyles. Beth and Phillip join in. They explain to Mel about how close they were in school and Beth says that Phillip and Rick were her real life heroes. Rick starts coughing so Mel decides to take him inside. Beth hangs back and tells Phillip to go on in with Rick. As the others leave, Beth breaks down, crying.

Gus kisses Harley. He tells her that he is glad that she believes him. Harley says that they need to get this all straightened out. Gus says that only her opinion matters to him. She then tells him that her family and their opinions matter to her. She wants to prove to all of them that she believes him and that they belong together. Gus jokingly says that they can get matching tattoos. Harley laughs but tells him she has something else in mind. She wants Gus to move in with her.

Marah breaks away from Romeo and grabs a board. Instead of hitting Romeo she hits Tony and knocks him unconscious. She then tells Romeo that he has to take her as the hostage now.

Gus starts making jokes about him and Harley "shacking up!" He then gets serious and tells Harley that he doesn't want to move in together just to prove something to others. Harley tells him that she feels bad that she was ashamed of their relationship. She feels that if she would have stood up for them as a couple then none of this mess would have happened. Gus agrees to move in with her.

Buzz goes to the police station to see Frank. Frank informs his dad that he has done a background check on Gus and found out that he did time in the juvenile system for two years. Buzz says that those records are sealed so how is Frank going to find out anything. Frank says that they are "officially" sealed but he can get them "unofficially" opened.

Meanwhile, Romeo agrees to take Marah. He tells her that she just made a big mistake. He says that either Tony or her have to die so,'s her. Romeo drags her out of the barn as Tony is regaining consciousness.

The End