Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/22/02

By Patricia

Blake and Tory are asleep in the cell. Tory wakes up first and tries to bash Blake in the head. Blake wakes up before she can hit her and she tells Tory not to try it. She then says that the only way out is with the key that she swallowed and if she's dead it won't come out. Blake states that Tory would then be spending a lot of quality time with a corpse.

Michelle playfully wheels Rick out into the hospital courtyard. He wants her to wheel him faster. Michelle parks the wheel chair by a park bench. Rick lifts himself out of the chair onto the bench but he is very weak. Michelle notices this and looks worried. Rick tells her not to look worried or he is not going to hang out with her. He then tells her that it's a good day and he feels pretty good. They put on their sunglasses, lift their faces to the sun, and try to relax.

Back at the carousel barn, Marah is wondering where Tony is. She decides to turn on a radio that is there. Meanwhile, Romeo finds the payphone that Tony used and realizes that Tony and Marah must be close. He goes in search of them.

Tony opens up the briefcase and counts the money that Danny has brought him. Danny questions him about his plans. He doesn't think that Tony should be hiding Marah because it will put her in the crossfire if something bad happens. Tony is afraid that she will be in more danger if she's not with him because he fears that Romeo is the one who killed Cat and will harm Marah next.

Richard is on the phone with Reva. He's telling her that he's going to tell Cassie the truth soon. He's just waiting for the right time. Cassie walks in and over hears. Richard hangs up and Cassie wants to know who he was talking to and what he was talking about. Richard tries to change the subject by telling her that he has an early morning meeting. Cassie sits in his lap and tries to get cozy. Shayne walks in, breaking them up. He's there to help Cassie pack to move to the farm. Richard excuses himself to attend his "meeting." Cassie tells Shayne that Richard is going to buy her a car and she's afraid that they can't afford it. She feels that Richard thinks that he must still treat her like a princess. Shayne asks her if she knows what kind of a car that Richard is buying her. Cassie says no. Shayne then tells her that she should go to the dealership and check it out for herself because she wouldn't want a car that she doesn't like. Cassie agrees to go.

Back at the cell, Tory questions Blake about swallowing the key. Blake doesn't answer but offers her a breakfast of cereal, fruit and soda. Tory screams at her to stop being so nice that it is freaking her out! Blake tells her that she should be grateful that she brought her food, water and even medicine when she thought she was sick. Blake then tells her that she should be grateful that she's even thinking about letting Tory out of the cell. Blake slips a few of the muscle relaxers into Tory's soda.

Back at the hospital courtyard, Michelle and Rick discuss how he and their dad used to pull long hours at the hospital. Talk turns to how she and her mom, Maureen used to bring the men a picnic lunch and they would spread it out on the hospital grounds and eat together. Michelle and Rick remininice about how they used to have watermelon spitting contests and which one of them was the champion! Michelle tells Rick that she really misses their dad.

Rick agrees that he does too but that it has been so long since they've heard from Ed, that missing him seems normal. He then tells her that they are surrounded by loved one. They hug.

Danny and Tony are still discussing the Romeo situation. Tony tells Danny that Romeo has the necklace that he had given Catalina, so if he's not the killer how did he get it? Danny tells him that they need to trap Romeo so he wants Tony to go to the safehouse while he takes care of this. Tony is worried how Michelle will take the news that Danny is helping him. Danny says that he will handle Michelle.

Romeo finds the carousel barn and yells out for Tony, saying that he has come to help him. Marah is scared to death and tries to hide.

Michelle bought some watermelon so she and Rick can resume their spitting contest and see just who the real champion is! While they are trying to outspit each other, Rick starts coughing. He tells Michelle that he will not give up. He then turns to Michelle and start to spit the seeds on her. She jumps up and he accidently spits them on the nurse instead! The nurse does not look pleased and tells Rick that it is time for him to go inside. He jokingly tells the nurse that HE is the Chief of the ER and he will say when he goes in.....please! The nurse tell him that even the doctors must obey, as she wheels him back in. Michelle laughingly tells him she will be in to see him in a minute. Just then, Danny walks up and tells Michelle that it was good to see her and Rick having some fun together. He then tries to tell her that he's sorry that he's been gone so long but Michelle tells him to hold her. She wants them to just be a normal couple for that day. Danny agrees.

Blake is still trying to get Tory to eat her breakfast. Tory agrees but she says she doesn't trust Blake so she wants Blakes food. Blake agrees and hands over her food to Tory. Tory then tells Blake that she wants her soda, too. Blake hesitates but hand the soda over. Tory demands that Blake take a big swig of the other soda. Blake looks worried.

Romeo is sneeking around the barn looking for Marah and Tony. He then says, "FYI....It's not a good idea to wear perfume when you're trying to hide."

Richard is working at the car dealership. His boss is very happy with his sales. Richard tells him that he can probably sell a whole fleet of the cars. All it will take is a couple of long distance calls. His boss tells him that he will triple his commission if he does. Richard is about ready to make the calls when Cassie walks in. Richard looks momentarily stunned and then asks her what she's doing there.

Tory is still trying to get Blake to take a drink of the soda. Blake tells her that she will when she feels like it. Tory says she knew something was wrong with that soda. Blake says, "Oh, alright," and takes a drink of it. All of a sudden Blake gasps for air, starts gagging and falls to the floor. Tory watches her in stunned silence. Blake starts laughing at her because she believed her little performance. Tory is livid!

Danny is telling Michelle that he hates this wall that is between them. Michelle agrees and tells him that with Rick sick she is going to really need him. Danny tells her that he will always be there for her, she is his girl. Michelle then replies that she is not ready to be alone. Danny says that he is her husband and family and she will never be alone. Michelle explains that with her mom dead, her dad missing and Rick being so sick, she's scared that she is losing all her family. Danny tells her that they will get through this together.

Marah comes out and tells Romeo that she wasn't hiding she just fell asleep. Romeo gets angry with her and demands to know what is going on. He's mad because he feels that she has been stringing him along and he feels that she is still hung up on Tony. She says that is ridiculous and tries to walk past him. He grabs her by her arm, swings her around and screams at her that she has played him for a fool! He says that he thought she was a nice girl but she is just a dirty slut. Marah loses control and slaps Romeo. She screams at him to never call her that again and that being with him was the most disgusting thing she's ever done and the worse mistake she's ever made. Romeo looks like he could kill her. Marah continues telling him that he has stabbed his best friend, Tony, in the back, and that she knows he is the one who killed Catalina and is willing to let Tony take the fall. She tries to leave but Romeo flings her back against the wall. Romeo basically admits that he killed Cat because he tells Marah that he will not do life in the "Big Cage" for this. Romeo tells her that he is going to kill Tony and act like it was in self-defense. He says he will say that Tony found out about him and her sleeping together and Tony attacked him. Marah yells at Romeo that she will tell the cops the truth and they will believe her over him. Romeo then informs her that he is going to kill her too by saying that it was Tony who shot her.

Meanwhile, Tony goes to Marah's house and finds Shayne outside. He grabs Shayne from behind, covering his mouth, and tells him not to yell. They go inside and Tony explains that he did not kill Catalina and that he broke out of jail so that he can protect Marah from the real killer. He then tells Shayne where Marah is and in 24 hours he wants him to have his parents go pick her up. He is going to go to the safe house while Danny tries to trap the real killer and he wants Marah safe at home. Shayne agrees. Tony starts to leave, turns around and tells Shayne that he really loves his sister. Then he takes off. Shayne whispers that he knows.

Blake is staring at Tory. Tory demands to know what she's looking at. Blake taunts her that she's just imangining her in prison stripes. Tory goes ballistic and decides to attack Blake. Instead she falls on the floor. Blake laughs at her and says, "Good soda, huh?" Tory can't move her legs. Blake puts her on the cot. Tory demands to know what she did to her. Blake informs her that she tricked her over the sodas and gave her the one that had the muscles relaxers in it. Blake then pulls the key out of her shirt. Tory yells that she thought Blake swallowed it. Blake tells her that she hid it until she could get Tory subdued. Blake then lets herself out of the cell. She tells Tory that she won't be back unless it's with the cops. Blake leaves and for some strange reason Tory laughs, evily.

Marah is trying to talk Romeo out of hurting Tony and her. Just then Tony walks in and and finds them. He yells out to Romeo to let Marah go. Romeo swings Marah around. He says hi to Tony while he puts his gun to Marah's head.

The End

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