Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/21/01

By Patricia

Reva and Josh can't sleep because they are worried about Marah. Josh says that he thought their days of staying up late, worrying about Marah were over. He is upset that their daughter is on the run with Tony. He believes that Tony killed Catalina and will eventually harm Marah. Reva says that Marah loves Tony. Josh asks her if that makes it ok that he's a killer. Reva states that Marah claims that Tony is innocent.

Tony and Marah leave the light house, escaping police detection. They end up at the place were Marah's old carrousel is kept. After they share a kiss, Marah says she's worried about how upset her parents must be, not knowing were she's at.

At the Santos house, Danny and Carmen are discussing whether Edmund will find Ed or not. Talk soon turns to Tony and Romeo. Carmen and Danny both think that Romeo is the one who killed Catalina and is going to let Tony take the fall for it. Carmen wants to fire Romeo and exact her own justice. Romeo enters the room as Carmen is walking to her desk. She tells him that loyalty to the family is always rewarded. Danny puts his hand on his mother's hand and tells her that she can reward Romeo later. He needs him to do something for him first. Carmen shuts the drawer to where her gun lies. Danny then tells Romeo that he needs him to go back to the Infierno because he thinks he forgot to set the alarm. Romeo leaves and Danny asks his mother if she's that stupid. He is trying to set Romeo up and doesn't want her to interfere.

At the police station, Frank and Buzz want to make sure that Gus didn't hurt Marina. Frank is still trying to question her about what happened and Marina is still dodging around the answers. Again, Frank asks her what happened. Marina says that Gus was always talking about his groovy bachelor pad and that when he invited her over she assumed it was to talk about Harley. Frank stands up and tells Buzz that if Gus took advantage of her he will kill him. Marina looks like she is scared to death.

Gus comes back into the room, carrying a pepto-bismal bottle. He opens it and takes a swig. He then remarks, sarcastically, that Harley is still there, so that must be a good sign. Harley says she knows that what they have is real and that since they have been together he hasn't so much as looked at another woman. He then asks her what he would want with a teenage Lolita that isn't half the woman that Harley is. She then tells him that she believes him but she is scared to find out where that leaves them.

Marah is sitting on a horse on her carrousel. Tony wants to use her cell phone to call Danny for help but the battery is low. He decides he must find a payphone. Marah asks him to join her on the horse and she tells him about the daydream she used to have when she was a little girl. She says that she dreamed that she was a princess bride, riding in a white carriage and her prince husband, riding in a black carriage, would come and whisk her away. She wonders if that will ever happen for them. Tony tells her that as long as they have love and trust then no one can hurt them. Tony then goes to the pay phone. Danny answers his phone and asks Tony if he's alright and if his phone is "clean."

Frank calls Eleni from the police station. Marina is livid because she thinks her mom will be mad at her and demand that she come back to California. Frank tells her that none of this is her fault so why would her mom be mad at her. Frank is getting very upset, trying to figure out what happened. Buzz tells him to calm down, that he isn't helping matters.

Meanwhile Josh is at the police station asking for Gus. He wants to know when he'll be in so that he can find out what's being done about finding Tony and Marah. He spots the man, who works for him, that Tony hit. Josh wants to know why he wasn't informed of what happened. The man tells him that Marah is the one who came to his rescue.

Harley decides she is going to go to the police station. Gus wants to come too but she tells him no. She informs him that she knows her brother Frank and this situation is going to take on a life of its own.

Romeo comes back and tells Danny and Carmen that the alarm was on. He notices that Danny is putting money in a briefcase and wants to know where he's going with all of that cash. Carmen sarcastically tells him he's going to pay the babysitter. At that moment the doorbell rings and Carmen leaves the room to answer it. Romeo takes this chance and checks out the caller ID to see what the phone number was of the person that Danny was talking to. He writes it down and then calls a cop, on the force, who does him favors. He wants the cop to trace the number and let him know where it's from. He tells the officer that he always pays him for his "favors."

Meanwhile, it's Reva at the door. Carmen is surprised but recovers to comment that if she knew that Reva Lewis was going to grace them with her presence she would have rolled out the red carpet. Reva tells her to "can it" and tell her where Tony and Marah are. Carmen tells Reva that she doesn't know where Tony is but that Marah isn't with Tony anymore. She's moved onto Romeo!

Harley tries to talk to Frank at the police station but he won't discuss the situation with her. Gus walks in. Josh tries to talk to him about Tony and Marah but Frank jumps in Gus' face and threatens him that if he finds out that Gus hurt his little girl then he will do a little rule-breaking on him!

Harley and Buzz take Marina back to Company. Harley tells her dad that she'd like to talk to Marina alone. Marina and Harley sit in a booth and Harley tells her that she has some questions for her. Marina says that she already gave the police her statement. Harley tells her that she doesn't have questions for her as a "cop" she has questions for her as her "Aunt." Marina insists that the details are fuzzy. Harley keeps putting pressure on her and pressing her for answers and Marina finally breaks down. She yells at Harley that Gus is a bad man, he's not good for her and she can't understand why Harley doesn't realize this. Marina then storms out of the room, crying. Harley looks like she believes that Marina is lying.

Back at the station, Gus and Harley's boss confronts Gus about the accussations that Frank is making about Gus being with his teenage daughter.

While Marah is waiting for Tony to return, she has flashbacks to the drunken night she spent with Romeo. She vows to tell Tony the truth, when he returns.

Romeo receives a call from the cop. He tells Romeo that the call he traced came from a payphone.

Reva decides it's time to get "ugly" with Carmen. She tells her that she is a journalist and will talk about the Santos family and all their dirty dealings on TV. Carmen replies that she will sue her if she does. Reva then states that it will be too late. The damage will have been done. All their family secrets will be out. The police will be watching her and no one will want to help her because they won't want to go down with the Santos! She tells Carmen to think about it and then get back to her!

Romeo sneeks into Carmen's desk and retrieves the gun she has there. He sits down in her chair and practices aiming and shooting. He then puts his feet up on the desk and smiles real big.

Tony and Danny meet at the masoleum. Danny gives Tony the cash. Tony tells him thank you and that he didn't know if Danny would help him or not. Danny tells Tony that he is in trouble and he would never turn his back on him. Tony hugs Danny and welcomes him back into the family. He states that Danny is a real Santos. Danny looks torn.

Frank calls a friend of his that it on the Chicago police department. He asks him to dig up anything he can on Gus Itero, aka....Nic Augustine.

Harley is sitting on the bench outside of Company when Gus approaches. He pats her leg but sits down at the far end of the bench. Harley scoots down to sit by him and they hold hands.

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