Guiding Light Update Monday 5/20/01

By Patricia

Tory and Blake fight for control in the cell. The door closes and locks them in together. Tory screams at Blake that she has done it now. Blake taunts Tory that she has pepper spray and can Tory find it before Blake sprays her in the eyes and blinds her. Blake then raises her arm and says that maybe it's hidden up her sleeve. Tory goes to grab her arm and Blake hits her, knocking Tory to the ground. Blake runs to the cell door and tries to unlock the door with the key. Tory jumps up and attacks Blake from behind. Blake swallows the key down her throat to keep Tory from getting it. Tory looks at her in amazement and says that they will never get out now. Blake tells her not to worry that the key will resurface later. Tory yells that Blake is disgusting. Blake says she's sorry that she has upset Tory's delicate system, the same person that was going to throw gas all over her and set her on fire so that she could have Ross. She then tells Tory that she is in charge and they're going to get to know each other.

At the Hospital Michelle asks Ross to help her find her missing dad, since Ross is the last one to have any contact with Ed. Mel walks in and Ross apologizes to her for missing her and Rick's engagement party. He then hugs Mel and she tells him that her and Rick have a long road ahead of then but they will get past this health crisis. They all go into Rick's room to see him. Mel has his tests results. Rick insists on seeing them. He reads over the tests results and Michelle can see that it's not good news. She asks him what they say. Rick then tells them that his heart has degenerated worse than anticipated.

Back at the Santo's house, Danny tells Edmund that he needs a favor. Edmund informs him that he's not a Santos flunkie. Danny says he's asking him to do him a favor and if he'd be quiet for a minute he will tell him what it is.

Meanwhile Harley has arrived back at Gus' hotel room. She knocks on the door because she can't find the key. A half-asleep Gus answers the door and asks Harley what's going on. She tells him that she received an urgent call from someone telling her to get over to his room because there was trouble. He says there's no trouble, that he was sleeping. He invites Harley to come in and she notices a leg sticking out from under the cover. She screams, "Who's in your bed???" and rips back the cover to find Marina! She yells at Marina to cover herself and then turns to Gus and tells him that he has 3 seconds to tell her what's going on or she will shoot him!

At Company, Frank and Buzz are wondering what is taking Marina so long at the grocery store. Lizzy is there, sitting in a booth. She tells the men that Gus invited Marina up to his hotel room so she went. Frank yells, "What!" Lizzy, not so innocently, says, "Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell. Marina told me not to." Frank storms out with Buzz hot on his heels. Lizzy looks like she is feeling guilty.

Gus is yelling at Harley that he can't believe what his life has been like since he's met her. He says that all the Coopers are certifiably crazy! Harley turns to Marina and asks her to tell her what happened. Marina starts by saying, "We thought you'd be at work...." Harley looks at Gus with disgust in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Danny is filling Edmund in on what the favor is. He wants Edmund to find Michelle's dad, Ed. Edmund wants to know why Danny can't do it himself. Danny smiles and says that he doesn't have connections in Africa. Edmund agrees to help but states that his help doesn't come cheap. Danny tells him to name his price.

Back at the hospital, Rick is trying to get Michelle to calm down. He tells her the tests are just a diagnosis. He will probably need a transplant so he needs Michelle to have Lillian Raines come to see him, since she's head of the transplant unit. Michelle says that she will go page Lillian. Michelle and Ross leave Ricks room. Out in the hall, Michelle is telling Ross that she has to go to Kenya to find Ed, that they really need him now. Ross tells her that by the time she has her shots done and gets a visa it might be too late for Rick. Back in the room, Mel is telling Rick that she is sorry she is crying that she should be strong for him. Rick tells her that crying is therapy and that they will be there for each other.

Edmund is making calls and putting out feelers about a missing Ed Bauer. Carmen walks in as Edmund is on the phone and she looks impressed with what she overhears.

Gus is trying to get Harley to believe him. He asks her why he would bring a child to his bed? Marina yells that she is not a child! Gus corrects himself and asks why would he bring a MINOR to his bed? Harley asks Marina, again, what she is doing in Gus' bed. Marina starts fake crying and say's, "Oh Aunt Harley, please don't be mad at me....," just then Frank and Buzz burst into the room. Frank calls Gus a name and goes after him. Buzz and Harley try to intervene. Marina looks shocked and scared that her dad is there. Frank demands to know what Gus did to his daughter. While they're all screaming at each other, Buzz calmly asks Marina what went on. Frank tells Marina to get her clothes on and asks Buzz to take her to the car. Harley tells Frank to go with his daughter. He agrees and says that he is taking her to the hospital. He then tells Gus that if he touched his daughter he will take the law into his own hands.

Lillian comes to Rick's room to talk to him about a transplant. She tells him that she will give him the standard speil that she gives to everyone. She informs him that the list is long and there are very few organs available because people are scared to sign the back of their drivers license. She thinks people fear that some doctor will take their organs when there's still hope that they will live. Rick tells her that he knows all about the problems with being on the donor list, but he wants on the list. Lillian agrees and tells him that she will get all the paper work to him right away. She then tells him that as his friend she doesn't want him to ever give up hope, that they have both witnessed a lot of miracles and have helped a lot of miracle happen. Rick assures Lillian that he has too much to live for to give up now.

Back in the cell, Blake and Tory are sitting on the cell floor. Blake wants Tory to talk to her about her life. Tory remains quiet, at first, so Blake starts making things up. She says that Tory probably grew up with the perfect little life. Tory turns to Blake and tells her that her dad abused her and her mom committed suicide, is that perfect enough for her? Blake asks her if she had any friends in school. Tory tells Blake about a girl she hated in the sixth grade. She says that this girl had the perfect life and was always beating Tory at everything. So, one day when they were walking home from school, Tory pushed her down an open well. She says that no one ever suspected her, that they all though it was an accident. Then in 8th grade she had a boyfriend that she loved and trusted. So, she told him about killing the girl in 6th grade. The boyfriend turned on her and said he was going to tell the police because she was sick! So, Tory killed him, too.

Then she found out her husband, Stewart, was cheating on her with an office temp. The next day was when he had his fateful car accident. Blake looks at Tory in horror but tells her that she doesn't believe that she killed 3 people. Blake then asks her why she didn't kill Ross since he's the one who hurt her. Tory says because Ross really loved her and it Blake's fault that he betrayed her.

Rick tells Ross that he wants to make sure that all his loved ones are taken care of in the event that he dies. Ross tells him to get it all together and he will take care of all the legalitites. Ross then leaves the room and Michelle asks him if he told Rick that she is trying to find Ed. Ross says no he didn't. Danny arrives with Jude to visits his dad, Rick. Michelle is glad and thinks it's just what Rick needed. Just then Danny's phone rings. It's Edmund.

At Company, Marina, Frank and Buzz are talking. Frank tells Marina that no one blames her for what has happened. He just wants to know if Gus touched her. Marina tries to skirt around the answer by saying that Gus always flirts with her and tells her that they have chemistry. Frank then tells Marina that he is taking her to the hospital to have a doctor examine her. Marina looks very scared.

Gus and Harley are still in his room discussing what happened. He tells her that Marina is one screwed up kid. That she has been trouble since she came home. Harley still wants to know why Marina would sneek into his bed. Gus wants to know why Harley believes Marina. She says it's because she used to be like Marina but, even when she was 16 and pregnant there was a line she wouldn't have crossed. She would never lie like this so why should she believe that Marina would?

At the hospital, Danny is on the payphone with Edmund, who is assuring Danny that he will find Ed. Ross is on another payphone talking to Felicia. He's looking for Blake and wants to know if Felicia has seen her. She hasn't. Ross hangs up and says to himself, "Don't scare me like this, Blake." Rick talks to Michelle about how he has always wanted a son, while he holds Jude. He says that he had all these plans for his son, he'd be smart, attend harvard, be a doctor just like his dad. But, then when Jude was born, all he cared about was that his son was healthy.

Gus tells Harley to listen closely, that he is only going to say this one time. He did not sleep with or invite Marina into his room. He then tells Harley that it breaks his heart that she doesn't believe him but he's not having it. He does not want anything else to do with her if, even in the deepest part of her heart, she believes that he is capable of doing this. He then tells her to leave and not to let the door hit her on the way out. Harley looks torn between her love for Gus and the love of her family.


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