Guiding Light Update Friday 5/17/02

By Naila

Hearing Buzz and Frank bash Gus furthers Marinaís resolve to end his relationship with Harley.  Gus comforts Harley and they decide to head over to his room.  When they leave, Marina hatches her plan and gets a reluctant Lizzie involved.  She tells Buzz and Frank that she likes Gus a lot and heís always been nice to her.   Then she volunteers to do the grocery shopping so she can get out of there. 

Harley tells Gus she regrets pushing Rick away when she found out she was pregnant with his baby; now she canít imagine raising Jude without him.  Gus tells her that if is ever unable, he will be there for Jude, heíll make sure he has a father figure.  They make love.

Marina sees Harley leave Gusí room and calls Lizzie.  Lizzie then calls the police station and leaves a message for Harley.  Then Marina breaks into Gusí room, takes off her clothes and climbs into bed with him!!!  

Danny tries to reassure Michelle that the severity of Rickís condition is not her fault.  What she needs to do is be there for Rick.  Carmen calls Danny and tells him that Romeo took the bait; heís at the house for a visit with Abuela.  Danny leaves Michelle and foes over there. 

Holly arrives and tells Michelle she has no leads on Ed, yet.   Michelle decides that she has to go to Africa and bring Ed back; thatís the least she can do to help her brother.  Buzz hears that Ed is returning and asks Holly if he should be jealous.  She answers with a kiss. 

Carmen leaves Maria alone with Romeo.  He warns her not to say anything about him when or if she recovers.  Danny and Carmen watch from a distance but they canít hear a word thatís said.  Danny comes in and interrupts them, noting how worked up Maria seems to be.  Romeo says she must not be used to visitors.  Before he leaves, Carmen sends Romeo to the police station to find out what they know about Tony.

Michelle gets in touch with Danny and tells him she plans to leave to find Ed.  Danny leaves Carmen and Maria to go meet Michelle.   

Tony and Marah almost make love but she stops.  He apologizes for being insensitive; her first time should be very special.  Marah regrets that they did not make love when they picnicked at the lighthouse.  They decide to leave and find a safer hiding spot.   

Blake battles her conscious and decides to go in and give Tory the medication.  She sees that Tory is burning up with fever.  Distracted with the pill, Blake lets her guard down and Tory attacks her.

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