Guiding Light Update Friday 3/8/02

By Suzanne

Harley can't believe that Gus came all the way up to the cabin to bring her coffee.  Danny and Michelle are not happy to see him.  Gus says he won't kick Danny when he's down (just out of the hospital).  Blake wonders if he's there to question them about Tory.  Gus feels unwanted so he goes to leave but Harley asks him to stay.  Harley tells them all that she likes Gus, so they agree to let him stay, reluctantly.

Phillip goes into the police station looking for Frank or Harley, but they aren't there.  He asks the desk sergeant, Edna, if he can see the information they dug up on Lorelei Hills when she was arrested.  Edna agrees to find it for him after a little bit but says it will take a few hours.

Lorelei finds Edmund eating in a hotel restaurant and wonders why he's wasting their money.  He says he couldn't exactly go to McDonald's because they have no car.  She wants to get on with their lives.  Edmund says he can't find anything for them in the want ads.  She wishes she could have won money in that aborted card game.  He shows her the newspaper article that says Prince William is taking over the throne in San Cristobal.  He says that Alonzo has no idea to run the government and would welcome him back.  Then Lorelei would be princess.  She says she can't go back there; too many memories.  He wonders what she's talking about since she's never been there.  She explains that she means he'll always remember Beth there.  He had no idea that his feelings for Beth still bothered her so much.  He tells her that she is his future, only her.  She is happy to hear it.  He suggests that they go upstairs, but she reminds him that they don't have a room.  She suggests that he sing and play piano again so they can make money.  He refuses to do it in a town where he knows people.  After much wheedling and flirting, she finally convinces him to do it (but no purple tux this time).

Rick and Phillip go to that same hotel restaurant to have drinks at the bar.  They chat about what Philip has found out so far about Lorelei (not much).  Rich thinks that Philip is spending too much time on this and should get on with his life.

After she sees her reaction to their news, Harley wonders how everyone knows already about her and Gus.  First she looks at Blake, who swears she didn't tell anyone and says, "it's obvious".  Gus says he didn't tell, either.  Everyone goes inside to leave Harley and Gus alone.  She starts to get on his case for coming up there when she just gave him an "innocent little invitation" for coffee.  He tells her that there's nothing innocent about them and kisses her.

The phone rings; Ross gets it and tells Blake that Cynthia, Holly's assistant at The Journal, is calling.  Blake takes and it and tells them that her mother isn't feeling well and checked into the ER.  Concerned, Blake says she'd better go to the hospital, even though Holly said it wasn't a big deal.  Ross offers to go with her but she says it's okay, she will come back if it's nothing.  On the other end of the phone, Tory laughs that Blake is so easy to fool.

Phillip agrees that it's probably not that healthy for him to be obsessing over Lorelei, but it's just something he needs to do.  It's hard for him to believe she's not Beth, even though he knows she's not.  He points out that they never found the body.  Rick says that Lizzie needs her father to help her through this.  He tells Phillip harshly that Beth is dead, she's gone, and she's never coming back.  Then they see that Edmund starts playing piano and introduces himself as "Eddie Ivories".

Harley and Gus have a snowball fight outside.  She asks him to be on his best behavior while he's there, especially to Danny.  He reluctantly agrees.

Michelle asks Ross to listen to the baby monitor for her.  They chat about how he's worried about Holly and Blake.  Danny finds Kevin about to go outside with his sled.  Danny doesn't think he should go out alone, plus it's getting dark outside.  Danny says he'll go with him.  Michelle doesn't think that's a good idea since he's still recuperating, but Danny says he'll be fine.  She goes with him.

Ross talks to his secretary and finds out that a woman was trying to find him and she told him that he was at the cabin.  Ross asks her not to give out personal information in the future and worries that it was Tory, up to no good.  He phones Blake, who is in her car, driving along in the snow.  He asks her to call him when she gets there.

After Blake hangs up, Tory pops up behind her in the back seat and says hello.  This causes Blake to skid in the snow and she is forced to stop the car.  Blake yells at her for scaring her and almost making her crash.  Tory tells her that Holly is not really at the ER, so Blake yells about that, too.  Tory tells Blake that she won; she now knows that she and Ross are serious about getting married.  Blake can't believe the bizarre moment.  Tory asks her to drive her to the train station, implying that she's leaving town.

Danny and Kevin play on the sled while Michelle watches.

Lorelei goes up to Edmund's piano after he finishes singing and applauds loudly, pretending that she doesn't know him already and that she's impressed with him.  She puts a few dollars in his big glass tip bowl and asks if he knows "Since I Fell For You".  He sings it.  Phillip tells Rick that he'll be right back and runs out.  Rick makes fun of Edmund's playing/singing.  Phillip comes back with Beth's one shoe, saying that he thinks Lorelei left it at the house.  She says it's not hers, but he insists that she try it on.  Finally, she makes a half-hearted attempt and says it's too small for her.

Michelle takes Kevin inside; Danny wants to keep sledding.  Gus comes over to get Harley's scarf that she left there and chats to Danny.  Things are prickly between the two men.   Gus tries to be nice and suggests that Danny should play up being injured longer to get sympathy from the ladies. 

Meanwhile, Harley sees that Gus and Danny are chatting outside.  She thanks Michelle for being good about Gus being there, since she and Rick split.  Michelle says since it was a mutual decision, she's cool with it.  Harley is glad that Gus showed up and goes out to tell him.

Danny acts defensive and asks if Gus is there to get the goods on him.  Gus says he might.  Danny says he's out of the crime business, but Danny doesn't buy it. They start arguing and almost get into a physical fight, but Harley comes up and tells them to knock it off.

Lorelei bids Phillip goodbye and leaves.  Rick is sympathetic to Phillip.  Phillip gets a call from Edna the police woman.  She tells him that Lorelei's fingerprints match Beth's.  He has his shocked look on his face that looks like his head is spinning.

Blake is coming back from dropping off Tory when her brakes go out.

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