Guiding Light Update Thursday 3/7/01

By Suzanne

Just a short summary for today...sorry!

Ray won't tell Tony why he can't marry him and Catalina; he just tells him to ask her.  After Ray leaves, Cat tells Tony that Ray hit on her and that's why he won't marry them.  Tony gets really mad and rushes out to find Ray.  He finds Ray praying and yells at him.  Ray denies that what Cat said is true.  Tony apologizes but begs Ray to tell him what the problem really is.  Ray says to ask Cat, bring her there and then he'll know.

Harley yells at this guy who is delinquent on paying his child support.  Gus says that she should be handling this by the book, then he takes the guy in another room and threatens his life if he doesn't pay his support, man-handling him.  Harley watches it and tells Gus that she is in agreement with how he handled that.  She asks Gus for coffee but he is given an assignment.

Ross, Blake, Danny and Michelle relax with their kids at the Bauer cabin.  There is a knock on the door so Blake fears it's Tory, but it's Gus. He hands an amazed Harley a cup of coffee.

Tory tells Felicia about Blake pushing her to the ground, not knowing that Felicia is a friend of Blake's and has already heard the real story.  Tory says that she and Ross will be together.  Felicia is concerned that she's delusional so she offers to give her therapy.  Tory can't afford it but Felicia says it's free.  Tory puts on an act and looks upset, asking if Felicia thinks she needs it.  Felicia tries to phone Blake to let her know what happened, not knowing that Blake is at the cabin.  Tory phones Ross' work pretending to the wedding planner and finds out where he is.

Marah finds out that "Jackie" is really a 12-year-old boy that Ben has been tutoring.  She is relieved and proud of him. Jackie thinks Marah is cute and makes comments about her and Ben.  She watches as Ben tutors him on poetry, and he and Marah read some together.  Marah asks Ben why he didn't just tell her the truth.  He says that he is afraid to confide things to her in case she is going to run back to Tony.  She is stunned but understands his fears.  She says they won't get to know each other if they keep things from each other.

The End