Guiding Light Update Wednesday 3/6/02

By Suzanne

Olivia and Alan bicker about business stuff.  He says they made a splendid team on their recent trip to Rio.  Phillip comes in and welcomes them home.  He fills them in on what he found out about Lorelei.  Alan isn't surprised that she lied.

Sam plays cards with Holly, who beats him.  He jokes around with her and Buzz.  He is preparing to leave for journalism school at Hunley, so he's a bit sad to be leaving.  He plans to get some freelance work before classes start, if he can.  He says goodbye to them.

Marah asks to borrow Reva's iron because hers broke; she has a special date with Ben.  They chat about him.  Reva asks her what kind of guy Ben is (does he date a lot of women or just her).  Marah says he is loyal.

Ray and Tony meet at the church.  Tony shows him the plans he has for a house that he wants to build for him and Catalina.  Ray thought he was leaving town; Tony says he's changed his mind and is staying.  Ray wonders if their foundation will be strong enough (not meaning the house).

Catalina prays to Santa Maria for guidance.

Marah asks Reva about her relationship with Josh.  Reva says they are in sync but Reva says she wanted to give him some time alone and also wanted to spend more time with her kids.  Reva says she's just "antsy" because she hasn't heard from him or anything yet.  Ben rings the door bell so Marah hurries to finish getting ready.  Reva lets him in.  Ben tells Marah that they're not going out.

In the hospital cafeteria (?), some doctors make nasty comments that Mel slept with Rick to get the chief resident's job.  Remy overhears.  Mel and Rick meet him there and wonder what's wrong.

Phillip tries to tell Alan that there is more to Lorelei than being a liar.  Olivia thinks they should calm down, since they are yelling at each other.  Phillip is upset because his daughter thinks that her mom is walking out on them again.  Alan points out that Lorelei is not Beth, but Phillip says he can't convince Lizzie of that because she said things that only Beth knew.  He wants to know how she knew these things.  Alan just dismisses it because she was a con artist and got to know her subject well.  That's why he dropped the charges against her and Edmund, so she would leave.  Phillip is annoyed that Alan is responsible for Edmund breaking in and taking her away.  Alan tells him that he's become obsessed with her because she looks like Beth, and he should get over it because Beth is dead.  Olivia says he should grieve however he can.  Phillip wonders how Olivia can stand being with Alan.  She thinks he's being too hard on Alan.  She says dropping the charges was her idea because she missed Beth and didn't want to see Lorelei's face hanging around, reminding her.  She just didn't think it through, didn't realize what effect it would have on him.  Olivia says Phillip and Alan are a lot alike.  He's not happy to hear that.  She says neither of them has been able to let go of Beth.  Phillip says that Alan let go of her the moment he met Lorelei.  She says Alan is just protecting himself from the pain.  She suggests Phillip move on with his life.

Ben says something came up so they have to reschedule.  She wants to know why and he says it's schoolwork.  She seems suspicious and offers to try to talk to his professor.  She is surprised that he is worrying about his grades.  She offers to come visit him on his break.  He basically has a lame excuse to say no to all of her suggestions.  He thanks her for understanding and leaves.  Reva comes back in and wonders what happened, So Marah says he canceled.  She finds a piece of paper that he dropped that has an address on it.

Catarina continues to pray and cries, saying that she shouldn't have slept with Tony, like Marah didn't, because he loves Marah more than her.  Ray comes in and wonders why she's crying.  She asks if Tony is there. He says that Tony had to stop by Infierno.  Catalina wants to ask him something.  She gives her confession about what she's done.

Sam drops by to say hi to Olivia.  He asks her how her trip was.  He says he's leaving tomorrow rather than in a few months.  She wonders what the rush is.  He says he just has to do it.  She is sad but understands.  She asks if he said goodbye to Marah.  He did a few weeks ago and it was pretty low-key.  She is going to miss him, she says, because he has been her conscience and guide.  Alan comes in so they tell him that Sam's leaving.  Sam and Olivia hug and say "I love you".  Then he leaves.

Reva sees that Ben's note says "Jackie, 9:30, Hampshire hall."   Marah thinks Ben is going to see some other girl.  Reva says she can't judge just by one note. 

Catalina tells Ray that she lied to Tony about the baby, that she miscarried and didn't tell him.  She begs Ray not to tell Tony.

Remy says he hates that people think Mel got the job because she's dating the boss. Rick says Mel was the most qualified person for the job.  Remy says women get taken advantage of in the workplace.    Mel says Rick would never do that.  Mel says things are fine and she can take care of herself.  Rick assures him that Mel is "one of the smartest, hardest-working doctors that" they have and she would be doing great even without him.  There will always be people who gossip and backstab.  He promises to defend Mel if they hear any of that junk.  He won't let anyone disrespect her.  Remy seems mollified.

Ray says he isn't allowed to tell Tony, but he should.  He says she'll lose Tony if she doesn't tell him the truth because secrets have a way of coming out.  She wishes she hadn't told him; she won't tell Tony right now.  He puts more pressure on her.  As he says that Tony deserves to know the truth, of course Tony comes in and asks what Ray means.

Phillip asks Olivia if she's okay.  She tells him about Sam leaving.  Phillip has a box of stuff that belonged to Beth, including one shoe.  Olivia recognizes the shoe.  Phillip says he figures getting rid of it will help him move on.  He says that one shoe never means anything good; it always means that something is lost, broken, or forgotten.  She reminds him about the Cinderella story.

Marah goes to that address and looks around.  She hears Ben tell Jackie that she's "incredible" and "the best" and "No one else even comes close".

Tony wonders if Catalina is upset about something to do with the wedding preparations.  Catalina says she was just scared.  Tony shows her the house plans he has.  She's delighted.  He asks her why she was scared, so she says it is because she thought she might not be a good wife.  He assures her that she will be.  Ray says he isn't going to perform the marriage, shocking them both.

The End

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