Guiding Light Update Tuesday 3/5/01

By Suzanne

Cassie laments to Reva that she and her family are too much for her house, so she offers to move to a hotel.  Reva insists that Cassie, Richard, and the kids stay until they find a place of their own.  There is a lot of laughing and joking around, with the kids running around, too.  Richard thinks it will be interesting.  Reva can't believe that Tammy has a cell phone.  Cassie says that got her one so that she could still talk to her friends in San Cristobel.  She jokes that they should have brought some servants with them for a little while.  Reva says that they're regular Americans now and Americans don't have servants.  Richard points out that the Spauldings do, so Cassie says, "She said, regular!"  Reva says she's organized a girl's night out for them with Harley and Blake.  Richard will be taking care of the kids.  Cassie is amazing and delighted.  She wonders if Richard can handle R.J., but Edmund says he's fine, and Tammy will help.

Lorelai feels Beth returning and tells Edmund they have to get out of town fast.  He says they will leave tonight.  He says that Carmen is having a high-stakes poker game" at Infierno and they can play.  She thought they weren't friends any more.  Edmund says they will get in, not to worry, and with Lorelei's skill at cards, they'll win big.  She's happy that they'll have enough money to leave.  All through the episode she keeps almost telling him about getting away from Beth, but she keeps stopping herself, then he gets suspicious, and she has to cover.

Eleni asks Frank about his raid tonight and whether it's dangerous.  He says  it shouldn't take long and he wants to be home to make sure his daughter home in bed.

Carmen interrogates Marina, who tries to get away from her.

Blake asks Ross and Holly what's up; she can sense the tension.  Ross changes the subject, asking where she was.  Blake says she was running into Tory.   Ross and Holly try to caution her to stay away from Tory.  Blake thinks Tory is crazy and explains what Tory did to fake her fall.  Blake is annoyed that Tory thinks she can make her doubt herself and destroy her family.  Holly tells her that she's proud of her and she wants her to be happy.

Rick visits Phillip to see how Lorelei was doing.  Philip tells him that she's gone, probably with Edmund.  Rick is surprised that he let her go.  Philip says Rick was the one who told him to.  Rick still can't believe how deluded she was about being Beth.  Philip agrees that it was very convincing.  Rick wonders if she can take care of herself.  They discuss her for a few minutes and how she and Edmund deserve each other.  Her friend Naomi comes in, demanding to see Lorelei.  Philip introduces her to Rick as the one who was in on the scam with Edmund and Lorelei.  He says she's lucky that she's not in prison.  Naomi yells that he kidnapped her friend.  He tries to have the butler throw her out, but she gets riled up.  Rick suggests that he not get rid of her, since she could help him.

Romeo calls Marina "Lulu" and tells her that she'd better not be giving Carmen "any lip".  Carmen is a bit annoyed that he hired someone without telling her.  He says that he used to be part of her brother's gang and that she can be trusts.  After Carmen walks away, he yells a Romeo quietly.  She tries to tell him that she only did it because he wouldn't listen to her earlier.  Frisco Red, one of the gamblers, asks her to get him a glass of milk for his ulcer.  She tries to go back to talk to Romeo, but he tells her that she'd better get that guy's milk because he's dangerous.  Marina goes over to ask him what kind of milk he wants, and he wins the hand.  He insists that she stay by his side because she's good luck for him.

Outside Infierno, Frank instructs his men to seal the exits as soon as they go inside.  Then they proceed inside.

Holly tells Blake that she should stay away from Tory.  Blake says she will.  Ross can't believe what Tory did.  Blake scoffs at how naive he is.  She wonders what set her off in the first place.  Holly says maybe she was always like that.  Ross says she's "confused".  Blake asks him if they can go away this weekend with the kids.  Michelle invited them up to the Bauer cabin, along with Harley.  Ross agrees.  They hear a car horn honk and Blake tells them that she's going out to the Towers tonight with Reva and Cassie.  Then she leaves.  After, Holly yells at Ross because of how whacko Tory has become.  Ross is glad Blake wasn't hurt.  Holly wonders about next time.  Ross says there won't be a next time.  She says there'd better not be, or she will tell Blake the truth.  Holly goes to see the boy.  Ross phones Tory to ask her to meet him.

Cassie, Harley, and Reva, all dolled up, meet for dinner.  There is much laughing, fun, and reminiscing.  Blake shows up late.  Cassie prods Harley about why she didn't marry Rick.  Harley hints that she can't get a guy out of her mind.  They drink a lot.  Blake tells them that she rented a limo so they don't have to drive home.

Richard tries to deal with R.J. but he is hyped on sugar.   The baby is crying.  Tammy spends the evening on the phone.

Edmund greets Carmen at Infierno.  She can't believe that he wants in the game and that he's taken up with Lorelei.  She hopes that Lorelei isn't as boring as Beth was.  She tells them to leave; Edmund says that Carmen is just afraid they'll make her look bad.  So she is goaded into letting them stay.  When he hears about the fee to play, he says that they can take it out of his winnings, or she can loan it to them.

Marina says that Romeo's better listen to her if he doesn't want to get busted, so he takes her to the back room to ask her what she means.  She tells him that she overheard her dad saying they're going to raid the place.  He is suspicious that she would betray her dad.  Marina reminds him that she said he could trust her.  This is her way of proving it.  She says he's too cute to go to prison.  Romeo wants to warn Carmen, then remembers the bag of money.  He says he'll go tell Carmen first.  As he walks out, Frank comes in and busts the place.  Romeo demands to see the warrant.  Frank goes looking to see what he's hiding. 

Lorelei tells Edmund that she can't go to prison again.  He says they don't have any money to go anywhere.

Philip tells Naomi that he has some questions for her.  He asks her to tell him everything she knows about Lorelei Hills from the time they were children until now. She says they weren't children together; they just met six months ago in Chicago.  He is shocked.

Tory is glad to see Ross and tells him that she needs him.  He says this has gone too far.  They need to "quickly and permanently put an end to it".  She doesn't want to hear that.  He says the things she's doing are dangerous to her and to his family.  She says it's exciting and they are on the verge of finding true love.  He says that's not it at all.  They argue awhile.  She gets more upset and tears run down her face.  As he leaves, she says they won't be happy unless they're together, and she has to prove it to him.

Frank and his men tear up the place but don't find the money.  Romeo hopes that wherever Marina is, she stays there.  Frank has to let everyone go, since there's no money to prove that they were gambling.  After the cops leave, the gamblers demand their money back (minus the fee, Carmen says).  She wants to know where the briefcase with the money is.  Romeo is worried but then Marina comes in and gives it to Carmen.

Lorelei wants to leave now; Edmund wonders what her hurry is.  She worries that they still don't have the money to leave town.

Naomi tells Philip that she doesn't know anything about Lorelei's past.  She says that she and Lorelei had a lot in common.   Philip tells her that Lorelai left, he assumes with Edmund.  She can't believe it so he has the butler show her around so she can search.  She tells Rick it was nice to meet him.  He says it was nice to meet her, too, and thanks her for her help.   Philip and Rick can't believe that she didn't grow up with Lorelei.  Rick says they should do some more research.

 Marina: Hey, sorry I didn't come sooner. I wanted to make sure the coast was clear. Followed your orders to the letter, boss.

Marina tells Romeo that it's a good thing she found the secret exit in the office.  She tells him to listen to her next time she needs to tell him something and says "oh, by the way, you're welcome" as she leaves.

Reva and Cassie return home to see a total mess.  Richard is passed out on the couch in exhaustion.  Cassie wakes him up gently and they chat.  She asks if he regrets leaving San Cristobal and he says, no, he's enjoying it because he finds it "quite challenging".  She agrees and says this is home.  They kiss and they're happy.

When Ross comes home, Blake is already there and wonders where he was.  He asks if Holly is there and she says she left.  He lies that he had to do some paperwork at the office.  Blake is still tipsy and tells him about the wonderful time she had.  She says she didn't even think about Tory.  He laughs and says he doesn't think that she'll ever worry about her again.

Rick finds the area code for Lorelei's home town in Virginia, so Philip calls information there and asks for Lorelei Hills.  He finds out that Philip is the name of a town in that county and there is no person there with that name.  They wonder why she would use a phony name, or why she would use the name of that town, and just who the hell she is.

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