Guiding Light Update Monday 3/4/01

By Suzanne

Ben runs into Mel, who is looking for her brother Remy.   She wanted to check on Catalina while she was here.  She asks him how he and Cat are holding up.  He tells her that he's not the father, just a friend.  He sees Marah and tries to get Mel to go away by telling her that it's "complicated".  He asks if they can talk about it later.  Marah says hi to Mel.  Marah is surprised that Mel knows about Cat and says that she was Cat's roommate but now Cat is living with her baby's father.  Mel says she admitted Cat into the ER with cramps.

Blake yells at Tory to get back here, outside Buzz's restaurant.  They are fighting about how Tory is going around telling everyone about her and Ross.  When Buzz and a couple of other people walk out, Tory falls down, making it look like Blake pushed her.  She then pretends to be scared of her and yells at Blake to stay away from her.  Blake can't believe what she's up to and yells that she didn't touch her.  The other people came out too late to see it and don't want to get involved.  Tory says that Blake has "rage issues" but she won't press charges.  Blake is outraged.  Buzz asks Tory to take a walk.  He tells Blake that he doesn't want to see her get hurt or see any scene outside his place.  She is hurt that he might think she did push Tory.

Holly asks Ross if he slept with Tory.  At first he says no and she's relieved.  Then he says he is tired of the lies and confesses he did.  She slaps him, hard.  He deserved that, he says, and she agrees.  She demands to know why he did it.  He explains that months ago he was going through a depression and then seeing Tory, who reminded him of his great love, Vanessa, led him into this fantasy that he'd get rid of his regrets about that relationship. He says they just slept together once and he's ready to remarry Blake.  They argue a long time.  She thinks he should tell Blake but he thinks there would be no point to it.  She reluctantly agrees to keep his secret for now.

Shayne finds Marina at home.  She is bummed because she can only go to work and home.  He tries to tell her about Romeo but she's not really paying attention at first.  He says he was glad to watch the bag, but Romeo almost threatened to kill him. She shows him a CD that Romeo recommended and he's not interested.  He advises her that Romeo is bad news.  She thinks she's safe since she's a cop's daughter.  Shayne isn't so sure.

Ben tries to usher Mel out so more, saying that they'll tell Cat that Mel was asking for her.  Marah says that she was there that night at the hospital.  Remy was the one who told her and Tony.  Mel is confused but is glad that Cat has such good friends.  Marah says it must have been really close for the baby and Cat must feel like she really owes Mel for saving her baby.  Marah's phone rings so she excuses herself.  Mel asks Ben what's going on.  He claims that Cat has deluded herself that the baby is still alive, and so Marah doesn't know yet.  However, he does manage to convince the doc that Tony knows.  She thinks it's a bad idea for Cat to be in this mental state, but he says it's not his place to set things right.  He reminds Mel of her oath as a doctor of patient confidentiality.

Romeo tells Tony that he has this great idea about pirated DVD's.  Tony tells him just to follow orders.  He asks Romeo to find him some names of some baby doctors, for a second opinion.  Carmen comes up and tells Tony that she has planned a party there at Infierno tonight for some high rollers.  She goes about it all wrong and he gets annoyed that she is telling him, not asking.  So then she rephrases it.  Romeo points out that the money will be a lot more than they usually get.  So Tony agrees.  Romeo tells Carmen that he did that to help himself out.

Phillip sits outside Buzz's restaurant, waiting for Rick, who is late.  He chatters to himself about how it's a good thing that Lorelei left, even though he still has this "nagging feeling" that he shouldn't have let her go.  Buzz comes out and wonders if he's okay, since he's talking to himself (glad to see someone on soaps finally does this!!).  Phillip explains that he's waiting for Rick.  Buzz says that he's glad that he and Rick could remain friends and not let his daughter come between them.  He also says sympathetically that he's sorry about what happened with Lorlei.   Phillip says, "Yeah, it pretty much bites".

Tory goes to Infierno to look for a drink but Romeo tells her that the place is booked for a private party.  She says she wanted to celebrate because she's finally going to get Ross.  Tory smirks that Ross' wife is a bit crazy and just went off the deep end.

Marian and Shayne do their homework.  Marina goes to get a milkshake and overhears Frank's boss tell him to raid the private party at Infierno, really make an example of them.  She hears Romeo's name mentioned and gets worried.  She asks Shayne to lie for her that she's at the library. He does so, reluctantly.  She runs off.

Buzz tells Blake that he's sorry if it seemed he was taking Tory's side.  Blake looked pretty angry.  Blake talks about how weird it is when you think know someone and then "suddenly this mask peels off, and there's this creature".   Buzz wonders what Tory wants.  Blake replies that she wants Ross.  Blake leaves, with Buzz looking bemused.

Harley walks up and says hi to Phillip.  Things are kind of awkward.  They talk about Lorelei, the kids, Rick...Phillip feels bad for not spending more time with his son.  Buzz comes back out and Philip decides to leave.

After Mel leaves, Marah wonders what Ben has planned.  He says it's "indescribable".

Marina goes to Infierno and tries to talk to Romeo, but he pushes her outside.  He's too busy.  She sees one of the tall bimbos hired for the party and gets an idea.

Buzz asks Frank if he can cover for him, but Frank is on duty.  He looks for Marina and then goes over to Shayne to find out if he's seen her.  Shayne lies uncomfortably and obviously that she's at the library.  Frank doesn't believe it so Shayne has to lie more.  Frank makes him feel worse by telling him what a great influence he thinks he is on Marina. 

Carmen greets some people, gives some instructions.  We see Marina in a low-cut flashy outfit like the other girls are wearing.  She is trying to avoid Carmen and get to Romeo, but she doesn't do a good job of it.  Carmen asks her who she is.


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