Guiding Light Update Friday 2/1/02

By Justin

Cassie and Richard have a moment alone to talk. Richard has a meeting with Alonzo so Cassie leaves to go to a meeting of her own. Richard tells Alonzo that there are things they need to sort out, but Alonzo doesn't want to. He tells Richard that he was right not to trust him about Cassie. Richard says that Cassie defended him and even lied to protect his feelings. Alonzo takes the blame and Richard admits they all lied. Richard has decided to let Cassie have more freedom. Richard tells Alonzo that he has always seen a leader in him. Richard suggests they move on. Alonzo says they can't wipe the slate clean and he also says they should call it even. Richard says since they are brothers, they should get to know each other. Alonzo says he was an only child, but now he has to brothers on that he's never met. They shake hands and call it even.

At the Rusty Anchor, Cassie arrives for her meeting with Camille. They discuss the future and she says herattitude toward the princess hasn't changed and she reminds Cassie of how poorly she's been treated. Later, Cassie returns to the palace and asks Richard how his meeting went. Back at the Rusty Anchor, Alonzo arrives. Alonzo knows losing Will would destroy Richard and Cassie.

At Spaulding Mansion, Phillipe stares at a picture of him and Beth. Lorelei leaves the mansion.

At Company, Edmund watches Alonzo on TV.

At Marah's dorm, Father Ray arrives. He tries to tell Tony something.

At the Clinic, Catalina fills out paperwork. Later, Tony barges in. He asks Jane if she's seen Catalina. He rushes past Jane and into the office, screaming Catalina.

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