Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/5/01

By Eric Carpenter


Carmen and Gus continued to conspire to exact revenge against Danny.  The scorned Mafia Mama told Aitoro that she would see to it that her estranged son paid for betraying her by going to prison.  She confided that she could not have him killed no matter what he’d done to her.  Later, Carlos plotted behind her back to have Danny and Michelle eliminated—permanently!  Gus lurked in the shadows and overheard Carlos plotting on the phone with a mystery person.

Josh and Billy continued their charade, duping Olivia and Alan into the set up they have laid for them.  During a meeting with the Lewis boys, Olivia received a cryptic call from Alan and made an excuse to leave in a huff and meet him.  After she had gone, Josh told his older brother that he has lost a lot of pride in himself as a result of being treated like a fool by Olivia.  Billy assured him that he was entitled to make the mistake.  Josh declared that his two-timing, conniving wife was the worst mistake he’s ever made.  Meanwhile, Olivia arrived for her tete a tete with Alan and insisted that this was good-bye.  Alan remained undaunted.  As she watched in horror, he showed her how he planned to destroy Josh and bought up all the Lewis IPO shares available on the market, thus falling into Josh and Billy’s trap.


Alonzo was released from the hospital, and Cassie doted over him like a concerned mother or wife.  Meanwhile, Baby Will’s biological mother, Camille, tried to get close to him once again and asked to see her son.  Cassie admitted to Dax that she doesn’t trust Camille and kept a watchful eye on her. 

Back in Edwardian England, John (Josh) revealed to Reva that he’s attracted to her.  He recited a touching poem to her and told her that she has become part of his soul.  Reva urged him to take things slowly and cautioned that Constance (Olivia) has the hots for him and might not react well to his interest in Reva.

Reva and Constance came to blows after Constance overheard her encouraging Rupert, her son, and Tabitha, the maid’s daughter, to pursue their young love.  Reva suggested that the snobby, upper class matron is interested in the lower class Josh, a charge Constance vehemently denied.  In retaliation, she suggested that Reva is insane and a threat to her family.  She declared that she was having Reva committed to an asylum…