Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/29/01

By Eric Carpenter


The Winslows kept a vigil near Alonzo's hospital bed, while Claire continued to monitor his condition. Cassie thanked Alonzo for saving her (their) son's life, and the semi-conscious seaman murmured her name as he came to. Claire told the Winslows that there was nothing that can be done to speed up Alonzo's recovery process, while Dax fretted over the condition of the real Prince. Richard was suspicious of Dax's interest and concern over Baptiste. Cassie was touched when the President brought Baby Will to Alonzo's bedside.


Josh rebuffed Olivia's sexual overtures, insisting they cannot have sex in Reva's house. Later, he broke the news to his children that their mother is in a clinic. Olivia spotted the note that Reva left behind for the kids and hid it from them.


In Edwardian England, Reva befriended Tabitha, who is a dead ringer for her niece, Tammy. Tabitha is in love with Rupert, the son of Alan's look-alike, Sir Arthur. Reva noted the similarities between Tabitha/Rupert's star-crossed romance and her love affair with Josh. Tabitha and Rupert vowed their love for each other, though she thinks they can never be together.


Meta gave a Thanksgiving toast on the meaning of family after Michelle/Danny, Ross/Blake, and Frank joined the rest of the gang at Moon Lake. Blake asked Holly to watch Clarisse while she pretends to go out of town for a few days. She's really going to be spying on Ross and Tory.

Phillip refused to make amends with Lorelei, who kissed him and assured him that she thinks he's a good guy. It seemed as though she meant it and wasn't just acting to further Edmund's agenda.

Rick admitted to Harley that he is attracted to Mel. She was disappointed, perhaps jealous, but the good doc assured her that he is committed to starting a family with her and Baby Jude.