Guiding Light Update Friday 11/16/01

By Eric Carpenter


Rick initially accused Phillip of following him and Harley to Moon Lake. In the end, the whole gang-Rick, Harley, Buzz, Holly, Phillip, and Beth-resolved themselves to having to spend the night holed up in the cabin together. Lorelei/Beth was delighted to have the opportunity for them to bury the hatchet, but Harley was reluctant. Phillip and Rick made little progress, despite a "friendly" game of poker.

Edmund appeared to Lorelei to make sure she wasn't blowing things. He insisted that Phillip, whom she's attracted to, is only interested in her because he thinks she's Beth. She retorted that Edmund only likes her because she reminds him of his precious, dead wife. He insisted that wasn't true, and she wondered if he liked her for who she really is. Phillip interrupted before he could respond, and Edmund ducked out of sight.

Buzz was disappointed that his plans to be romantic with Holly went awry, but she promised another chance at some other time. Rick and Harley's passion went up in smoke, too, as Rick and Phillip were forced to share sleeping accommodations.

Gus met Mel and chatted with her. She spilled her guts to him about recently kicking her smoking habit and having guy problems. The clever, flirtatious FBI agent managed to get the Cedars resident to divulge that she has the hots for Rick. An elated Aitoro hoped that Mel's interest in Dr. Bauer would keep the "Good-two-shoes" away from Harley.


Alonzo showed up at the Winslows' hotel room unexpectedly. Cassie was surprised and delighted when he soothed an ailing Will. She was also touched by his concern and vulnerability where his son was concerned. Just as it appeared Will was taking a turn for the better, Alonzo noticed the infant was jaundiced. Cassie insisted they rush him to the hospital at once.

Olivia and Alan fast-talked their way out of another situation after they barged into Reva's house and were confronted by Josh and Reva. While Reva was out of the room (eavesdropping), Alan feigned concerned for her and suggested to Josh that he use Alan's resources and send Reva, whom Josh fears is having a nervous breakdown, off to an Austrian clinic. The feisty time traveler was miffed that her ex-husband seemed to be in total denial and didn't believe her extraordinary story. He later declared to Olivia that, from now on, he would be very involved in the Harbor project. He vowed to keep Alan a minor player and give Olivia anything that she needed. Olivia went to see her lover and taunted him that Josh was investing all of Lewis' resources into making the project a success. Alan insisted that she would always need him, whether she admits it or not.

Reva penned a farewell letter to Marah and Shayne and prepared to leave for an undisclosed amount of time in order to elude Austria and save Jack.