Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/15/01

By Eric Carpenter


Richard gladly accepted Carmen's offer to continue her involvement and contributions to the San Cristobel relief project. He realized that she is trying to buy her way into the legitimate world. Later, he and Cassie shared a moment of passion before he left for a conference in Montreal. After he had gone, Cassie was upset when the nanny informed her that Will has a steep temperature.

Danny and Michelle demanded that Carlos set up a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Big in exchange for a disk full of access codes to all of Spaulding Ent.'s offshore accounts. Carlos reported that his boss is only interested in untraceable cash and suggested they go to one of the offshore banks and make a hefty withdrawal. This disappointed the Santoses, who were hoping to set a trap to bust Mr. Big with the disk in his possession.


Olivia told Alan about the painting of "her" and shared her concern that Reva is out to destroy her marriage to Josh, something that Alan wouldn't mind. She asked her secret lover to use his pull at Cedars to have her nemesis committed. He agreed to consider her request, but, in the meantime, he wanted to see the portrait of "her." He might want to purchase it for his collection-until he can have the real thing.

Josh tracked his evasive ex-wife down to her house and demanded that she tell him the whole story about the painting. Reva reluctantly agreed, in exchange for its return. As she blurted out that Alan and Olivia are having an affair, the illicit lovers came through Reva's door, uninvited.


Buzz/Holly and Rick/Harley unwittingly ended up at the same Moon Lake cabin. Both "couples" were unaware of the presence of the other. Just as things started to heat up between the respective "twosomes," they all discovered that they are sharing quarters. Buzz was surprised and confused as to why his daughter was there with Rick. He and Harley argued over which couple should leave.

Lorelei made a stop at the diner and stocked up on junk food for her trip with Phillip and the kids. Guess who tracked her down? That's right...Edmund. He warned her not to fall under Phillip's spell, as she seemed to anticipate a roll in the hay with her "ex." She accused "Eddie" of being jealous, a charge which he denied. As usual, Phillip walked in on the pow-wow between the two cohorts in deception and jumped to "Beth's" defense. Once again, "Beth" pretended to be a strong Beth (but Lorelei isn't pretending; she is strong...confused?) and reiterated that she can handle it. For the umpteenth time, she told Edmund to get lost.

Phillip and "Beth" headed toward the Canadian border. He believed that she knew where they were going, but she covered that she had no clue. In the middle of nowhere, Phillip's car and cell phone died, forcing them to rely on the kindness of strangers at a nearby cabin in the woods...

As Buzz and Harley vied to stake claim to the cabin, Rick opened to door and was stunned to find a stranded Phillip standing there!